Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Wheel S13: Holos from Salon Perfect and Avon

I seem to have lost, at least temporarily, my motivation to get blog posts up first thing in the morning. Given how little structure most of my days have, that's not surprising, and I'm thinking it doesn't matter. If there's not a new post this morning, it'll be there the next morning for people to see. I'm sure timing makes a difference in reach but I have been checking my blog stats regularly in ages and ages so I won't notice. Not sure why I'm rambling on about it now, other than another thing I've lost my motivation for is writing in my paper journal, which is where this stream of consciousness stuff used to go way back in the day. Anyhoo, today I've got holographic polishes from two brands, ranging from a pretty strong linear (one of the Salon Perfects) to weaksauce scattered (all the Avons). These got grouped together because the numbers worked out. I've got way more photos than most Nail Wheel Wednesday posts because lighting makes so much difference with these (and I was fortunate to have some sunshine when I needed it). As it happens, I swatched most of these on my nails in one big post way back in 2013. The two Salon Perfect not in that post because they weren't released for another few years are in my swatch post of the Drop Dead Gore-geous collection. It's rare I have a a whole wheel where I've already swatched them all on my nails.

In direct indoor light:

In sunlight:

(all 2 coats) 1. Salon Perfect Ashes to Ashes
2. Salon Perfect Shapeshifter
3. Salon Perfect Spot Light
4. Salon Perfect Green Room
5. Salon Perfect Startlet [seriously, it says "STARTLET" on the bottom label]
6. Salon Perfect Leading Lady
7. Salon Perfect Pixel Pink
8. Salon Perfect Silver Screen
9. Salon Perfect Fade Out
10. Avon Cosmic Eclipse
11. Avon Cosmic Galaxy
12. Avon Cosmic Celestial
13. Avon Cosmic Starlight
14. Avon Cosmic Radiant
15. Avon Cosmic Saturn
16. Avon Cosmic Super Nova
17. Avon Cosmic Starburst
18. Avon Cosmic Aurora
19. Salon Perfect Coming in Hot
20. Salon Perfect Don't Give a Glam

Bottles 1 through 4:

5 through 9:

10 through 14:

15 through 18:

19 and 20:

























  1. These look super fab in the sun....haha most holos do <3 I have a few Avon ones.

    I know what you mean about motivation.....I miss days on end with blogging. But I really want to, just been so tired lately with all my walking. I take me toddler out in her stroller and usually do 10 miles a day :-O It takes it out of you, and I am not very fit. Today was "my day off" and did 7 miles. Did a shorter walk as it was raining!

    1. Ananka, wow, that is a lot of walking! Good for you! I've been trying to get out and hike most days to get ready for ski season and I'm doing nowhere near 10 miles (or even 7). :D


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