Friday, November 13, 2020

Cool Hues from Bee's Knees Lacquer

A while back, I did a post with some warm hued shimmers from Bee's Knees Lacquer. Today I've got some cool hues from them: I Was a Survivor and I Was Strong, Welcome to the Family, Feyre Darling, and Night Triumphant.

Three coats of each in the same order as the bottles above. I Was a Survivor pulls more yellow on me than the lime green it looks like in the bottle, but it looks okay. There is a hint of nail line showing with some of these in certain conditions, and I'm fine with that. The glow and shimmer of these provide a lot of visual interest that distracts me from worrying about VNL.



In direct light, they go from glow to showing some sparkle in the shimmer.

Like I did with the warm hues, I tried these in a funky French with a "mannequin hands" creme base and black creme tips to which I added one coat of the shimmers in the same order as above. (I was a bit heavy handed with Welcome to the Family, the green on my middle finger.)


I had a few more cool hued shimmers from Bee's Knees I also wanted to play with: Prick, Don't Let the Hard Days Win, and Stay with the High Lord. Like the ones above, these are from the Acotar Agaaaiiiin collection, but I bought them later, after I saw how gorgeous the first group I got was. (There were still four shades in the collection I didn't buy, and I'm wondering now if I should have just gone for it and got them all. Too late; the ones I skipped are now sold out.)


I first tried these as Skittles. On my index finger (top), I layered them all together; two coats of Stay With the High Lord followed by one each of Don't Let the Hard Days Win and Prick. Moving down, they each got their own digit: Prick, then Don't Let the Hard Days Win, then Stay With the High Lord on my pinky. All shown at three coats each. You can see that Don't Let the Hard Days Win is the odd polish out finish-wise; it's more of a traditional pearly shimmer compared to the newer style flecked/microflakie ones. I like the layering effect; I'm not sure how much Stay is contributing, but the blue of Don't Let the Hard Days Win transforms Prick's greenish base and still lets the shift show.



Next I did an ombre with Stay With the High Lord. My base colors were Wet 'n' Wild Megalast Kiss My Mints (light mint green), Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Teesta Turquoise (medium teal green), Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Jungle Green (deep teal green), and black. I added two coats of Stay With the High Lord over those cremes and ended up with this:

The two darker base shades really let the shift show:


I was absolutely in love with how this looked in regular room light:

To finish out my swatching session, I tried an ombre with Prick. I used it alone on my index finger, then over OPI Dreams Need Clara-fication (cornflower blue), SinfulColors Roar (medium blue), and black. This didn't look like an ombre when viewed straight on because Prick alone pulls greenish, not blue, and the black base highlighted the green side of the shift.

It looked more ombre-esqe at an angle, when the purple in the shift came out more:

Like Stay, this looked great in regular room light; it made me think this was a manicure a mermaid would wear.

So yes, more beauties from Bee's Knees. I don't think I've gotten anything from them yet that I haven't liked.


  1. These certainly look amazing :-D

    1. Thank you! I've been getting more from this brand recently after only buying from them at shows before (back when we had shows, of course).


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