Monday, November 30, 2020

Nails of the Day That Was a While Ago

It's been months since I posted any NOTD looks. It doesn't help that I rarely have good photos of my nails of the day, as I usually do them after I've gotten home from a swatching session at my studio, which means I don't have a lightbox, and it's often late a night so daylight isn't an option, either. By the time the next day rolls around, I'm distracted by other things. I do take not-so-good photos, though, to remind myself later what I wore, if nothing else, and scrolling through some of those I found one I liked enough to post today. This look is a combination of nail polish strips and regular polish: Sally Hansen Salon Effect French Mani strips in Pink Macaroon topped with Revlon Shining Strength, a glitter topper. I liked this combination a lot at the time and still think it's good now. This is a daylight photo, taken in my car, where I'd just slicked on the glitter topper.
manicure with rose gold microglitter French tips and allover sparse rose gold glitter topper Right now, I've got nothing on my nails but a treatment coat. I meant to put on some fakes but haven't gotten around to it yet. Having just spent time at my studio with my many, many untried polishes (and many, many tried ones), I was very aware that I could skip all the Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday polish sales and still have plenty of options, so I held firm and didn't buy anything this past holiday weekend. I was tempted, very much so, but held out. I'm not on a no buy, because I know myself better than that, so I'm sure I'll order a few Christmas presents for myself, but better to let the holiday deals and exclusives go to other folks who really wanted them or needed them.


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