Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Great Lakes Lacquer Olive Succulents

Even though I didn't have anywhere to go, I took yesterday off blogging for the MLK holiday (I also took it off skiing since I wanted to avoid all the visitors who came up to the mountain for the long weekend). Today I'm back, not with the swatches of the polishes I used in the Northern Lights mani that are now at least a week overdue from when I'd hoped to get them up, but with a quick look at a polish from Great Lakes Lacquer that I picked up last year: Olive Succulents. It was a custom done for a Facebook group, which generally I try to pretend I don't see because I can't keep track of every group and every box and every collab, but I saw a swatch of this one in the GLL fan group and it just grabbed me, so I joined the Olive Polish group so I could buy it. It has a dusty green base with shifting shimmer and some scatteered holo pigment.

Though this wasn't sold as a topper, I had to try it as one since I'd seen swatchers using three coats (or even four thin ones). So I put Essie Exposed, a dusty olive green creme, on my index and middle fingers before I opened my bottle of Olive Succulents. I left Exposed alone on my index for comparison purposes, then added a coat of Olive Succulents over it on my middle finger. My ring finger and pinky got three coats of Olive Succulents by itself.

Tipping my hand just slightly got the shift in the shimmer to show; where once there was blue, now there was lilac. It was more visible over the darker olive base, but still showed on its own.



In direct light, the holo particles added some sparkle, but the shifty shimmer was still the star.

I'm glad I grabbed this one. The green base makes it more interesting than if the same shimmer had been put in a more mainstream color. I've been tempted by some of the other group customs since I joined the olive group, but haven't gotten them since they haven't been from brands I like as well as Great Lakes Lacquer.


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