Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Wheel Y13: Drugstore Glitters, Part 3

Today for Nail Wheel Wednesday, I have the third wheel in the drugstore glitter series (the previous one is here). This one is all pink, including some multis that include pink. And this one includes Sation polishes, unlike the first two wheels, and Sations are more beauty supply store than drugstore, but I liked how they fit on here.

(all have clear topcoat in addition to glitter coats noted below; some will need more/thicker topcoat if I decided to wear these in a full mani) 1. Mardi Gras unnamed (3 coats)
2. Black Radiance Girls Rock Pink Couture (3)
3. Nabi Pink Star Moon (3) [the glitter in this one appears to have mostly dissolved, though there are a few ghostly cresent moons still in evidence]
4. Mardi Gras unnamed (3)
5. Mardi Gras unnamed (3)
6. Mardi Gras unnamed (3)
7. Sation Confessions of a Nail Tech (2)
8. Sation Starlight Covers (3)
9. Sation Starlight Covers [newer version of #8] (3)
10. Sation I Love Miss-Self (2)
11. Savina Summer Fun (2 over black base)
12. Mardi Gras unnamed (2)
13. Mardi Gras unnamed (3)
14. Mardi Gras unnamed (3)
15. XOXO unnamed (3)
16. XOXO unnamed (3)
17. Mardi Gras unnamed (3)
18. Mardi Gras unnamed (3)
19. Mardi Gras unnamed (2 over half black base)
20. Sation Glints & Glam (3)

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:












  1. Some of these are really pretty :-D

    1. Ananka, thanks. It's fun for me to do these wheels and rediscover old favorites.

  2. I'm currently having January blues but this post cheered me up a lot :D I love all of these pretty glitters you have in your collection :)

    Mari |

    1. Hope you're feeling better now, Mari! Glad I could help a bit. :)


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