Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lime Cremes

I bought the OPI Shrek minis, which was enough of a reason to do some lime green creme comparisons.

Lime cremes

Left to right: Sally Hansen Grass Slipper, OPI Who the Shrek Are You?, Finger Paints Lucky in Love Lime, Piggy Polish Wicked FUN.

Lime cremes

Top to bottom: Sally Hansen Grass Slipper, OPI Who the Shrek Are You?, Finger Paints Lucky in Love Lime, Piggy Polish Wicked FUN.

Starting from the top, we have Grass Slipper on my index finger. It's ever so slightly darker and less yellow than the Who the Shrek Are You? on my middle finger. On my ring and pinky, it's Lucky in Love Lime and Wicked FUN (why the caps, Piggy Polish--is this an acronym for something?) , but it might as well be the reverse, as I can't tell the two apart. They're lighter and a bit more yellow than the first two limes. In slightly less bright light, the differences show up somewhat less strongly:

Lime cremes

Left to right: Piggy Polish Wicked FUN, Finger Paints Lucky in Love Lime, OPI Who the Shrek Are You?, Sally Hansen Grass Slipper.

Since I only needed two coats of the Sally Hansen to three for all the others, and I think the shade is slightly more flattering on my skintone, that's my top pick of these four.


  1. Nice comparison! I really would like a color like this, but I'm scared to go near them. I have feeling it will be a big clash with my skintone. I'll see.

    I also wanted to let yo know I gave you a blog award you can find it here.. http://imperfectlypainted.blogspot.com/2010/05/milani-fresh-teal-blog-award.html :)

  2. I love those colors! Thank you for the comparison. I've been going back and forth with the OPI but I think I can pass on it.

  3. OPI is way too expensive in the UK. I'd go for the Sally Hansen as it's the darkest but I can't get a single one of those polishes here...


  4. Thanks for swatches!!



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