Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Opposite of Green

After all that lime in the last two days, I though it would be a good idea to switch things up and go to the other side of the color wheel. Thus today I have red--red glitters, to be specific. A few weeks ago, The Frankenerd did a NOTD post with Sally Hansen Red Carpet, which reminded me that I had it in my untrieds, along with a Claire's of the same name. Of course those weren't the only two red glitters in my stash, so I pulled a few more out to swatch as well.

Red glitters

Left to right: Milani Ruby Jewels, Claire's Red Carpet, Sally Hansen Red Carpet, Orly Star Spangled, Essie Rubies Slippers.

Here they are on the nail, all 3 coats with no base or top coat:

Red glitters

On thumb: Milani. On fingers, top to bottom: Claire's, Sally Hansen, Orly, Essie.

The Claire's surprised me by drying nearly matte--definitely need a top coat with that one, unless matte glitter is your thing. I could probably have stopped at two coats for the SH Xtreme Wear and the Orly. The Essie was definitely the chunkiest and sheerest of the lot; I do not know how this mini labelled "Rubies Slippers" would compare to a full size Ruby Slippers. You can see the textures in this shot (as always, click to see bigger):

Red glitters

Top to bottom: Sally Hansen, Orly, Essie.

I put one coat of SH Insta-Dri on just the Claire's finger and that shined it right up (other nails in picture below are still without any TC):

Red glitters

Top to bottom: Claire's, Sally Hansen, Orly, Essie.

So, do we have any dupes here? Not quite. The Essie is unique. The Milani is a touch lighter than the SH, and the Orly is a touch darker. The Claire's, with top coat, is a touch darker still. Still, the four non-Essie ones are close enough that one wouldn't need all of them. My pick is the Sally Hansen, with Orly close behind.


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  1. I have the Essie. They are all rather similar though. Good comparison!
    Changes? I'll don my thinking-cap...

  2. love red glitters! awesome :D

  3. Without getting in here and scrutinizing, the only one that pops out not being too similar is the Claire's. Gosh, I love red glitter! I can't stay away from the stuff around Christmas.


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