Friday, May 14, 2010

OPI Ocean Shades

I must have been overheated and looking to cool down the last time I was at the nail supply, since I got all five of these blue and green shades.

OPI polish

Left to right: Can't You Sea?, Ocean Love Potion, Sea You Later Sailor, Dazzle Me, Call My Cell-ery

Since I knew I wasn't going to wear SH Iced Coffee on its own, I thought I'd try layering these over the top. As you'll see, a nude base is maybe not the best choice for some of these. (All swatches are three coats of OPI over 2 coats of Iced Coffee.)

OPI polish

Thumb: Can't You Sea?; Fingers, top to bottom: Ocean Love Potion, Sea You Later Sailor, Dazzle Me, Call My Cell-ery

Next time I pull out Can't You Sea?, I'll try a turquoise base. Ocean Love Potion and Sea You Later Sailor look fine to me over the camel. Dazzle Me might look good over just about anything--it's very sparkly. Call My Cell-ery might be a good pair with the new Shrek green, which I have not yet decided if I'm going to buy. I do have SH Grass Slipper, though--maybe I'll try it with that next time.


  1. May I ask you how much does OPI polishes cost in a store?
    I love the blue shades, I NEED them all :)

  2. thank you i have been plotting an OPI purhase and tying to make up by mind so your swatches were extra helpful

  3. Oh my goodness, I love these :)

  4. Theallamenta, regular retail price for OPI in my area is US$8.50, but I try to wait for sales or go to a special nail supply store and then it's usually around US$6.

    peripatetic33, glad I could help!

    Brooke, thanks!


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