Wednesday, May 12, 2010

HT's Neglected Siblings

With Hidden Treasure still grabbing most of the attention given to the Spring 2010 Sally Hansen Complete Salon display, some of the other polishes are probably suffering from low self esteem. Today, I'm featuring two which I haven't seen many swatches of around the polish-o-sphere.

First I have Iced Coffee, which I'm not entirely sure why I bought, since I already found my nude match in the Complete Salon line and neutrals are not usually my weakness when it comes to impulse buys--must have been a side effect of the HT hysteria. On its own, on my skintone, this light camel color doesn't really do much for me, though I think I'll be able to use it as a base for layering.

Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee, 2 coats over base coat.

I'm sure that it's someone's perfect mannequin hands shade. It's pretty much at the same place on the light/dark scale as my shade (Café au Lait) but has a yellow undertone rather than pink.

Iced Coffee

Left to right: Café au Lait, Iced Coffee

Next I have Dianthus, which is a pink so deep it's almost red. In the lightbox, it looked more pink; in normal room light, it leans to the red side. I liked this one so much I made it my pedi color when I finally took off the SH Nasturtium I'd been wearing for a couple/few weeks.


Dianthus, 2 coats over base coat.



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