Friday, May 7, 2010

Ulta Salon Comparisons

I've been fortunate to be able to swap nail polish with several lovely international ladies through MakeupAlley, which means I've now got brands in my collection that I can't buy locally, like the GOSH I swatched with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure the other day. I thought I'd see if I could find some domestic dupes (or close enoughs) for more of the foreign polishes I've acquired. I expect I'll be doing a lot of this here, as I love comparisons.

Full disclosure: because today's polishes are purple, my camera had trouble capturing them accurately, even when I played with the settings. Thus I had to do a lot of color correction in my fairly primitive photo editing software, which means the background and my skin look much redder than they do in real life, but I got the polish as close to accurate as I could on my monitors. I have my fingers crossed that they will be at least somewhat reasonable on yours.

First up, Ulta Salon Tutu Cute and GOSH Wild Lilac. These are both medium lilac shades, and look pretty darn close in the bottle. The GOSH is perhaps a tiny, tiny bit more blue.

Tutu cute and Wild Lilac

On my nails, I really couldn't tell them apart. They even took the same number of coats (two or three, I really should take better notes when I swatch).

Tutu cute and Wild Lilac

Top to bottom: Tutu Cute, Wild Lilac, Tutu Cute, Wild Lilac.

Next up, Barry M Bright Purple and Ulta Salon Plum Perfect. These bright plum shades, too, are very close in the bottle.

Bright Purple and Plum Perfect

On my nails, the Barry M was a wee bit darker, but not so much that I think I need both. Which is good, because I appear to have lost the Plum Perfect since these pictures were taken--I put it in my backpack and now it is somewhere else, nowhere I've looked so far. Perhaps it will turn up; I recently found the OPI DS Classic I'd misplaced--probably my buying a new bottle of it was what made that one come out of hiding. At least the Ulta is much cheaper to replace than the OPI DS if I decide I must have a new one.

Bright Purple and Plum Perfect

Top to bottom: Plum Perfect, Bright Purple, Plum Perfect, Bright Purple.

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