Monday, May 24, 2010

OPI "Sheer" Your Toys

Here is the polish I wore most of last week. I needed something fairly conservative because I was working at my employer's user conference and would be talking with customers and prospects and partners. I also needed it to coordinate with the purple shirt I was issued to wear (the company colors are purple and black, with accents of brushed chrome and lilac). After much pondering, I decided on OPI "Sheer" Your Toys.

Once I started applying this, it became clear why they put sheer in quotes in the name. It's not really sheer at all--I only used two coats. The color confuses me--just when I think it's gray, the light changes and it looks periwinkle or even lilac. What the tiny copper sparkles are doing in there, I have no clue; in most lights they're invisible, and even in full sun I had to really get up close to see them.

Here it is in my lightbox; that's a typical heather gray sweatshirt peeking out in the corner so you can see how the color compares.

OPI Sheer Your Toys

Here it is in full sun after a few days wear:

OPI Sheer Your Toys

This one's a keeper for me.


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