Saturday, May 29, 2010

Second Contest Ever

***CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED***; winners announced here.

I'm happy to see that it's now time for my 100 followers giveaway. If your name is chosen at random from among all the entrants, you will win the complete Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine summer collection, twelve bottles of "candy-licious" colors.

WnW candy polish

Left to right: Cherry Pop, Candy Apple Twist, Sunkist Paradise, Lemon Drops, Mint Fusion, Tropical Splash, Blueberry Fizz, Grape Crush, Berry Jubliee, Cotton Candy Delight, Bubble Yum Gum, Strawberry Burst.

Most of these are cremes; the exceptions are Mint Fusion, Tropical Splash, Grape Crush, and Strawberry Burst, which are shimmers (very slight in the case of Mint Fusion). You can see five of them on the nail in this post.

WnW candy polish

How to enter--all residents of Earth are welcome:
1. Be a follower of this blog. Google Friend Connect is my method of choice, but if you prefer to follow in another way, indicate what you're using in your comment.

2. Make a comment on this post. If clicking on your name in the comment won't show me a way to contact you, please include your e-mail in your comment. (For instance, you don't have a public blog linked to your profile.) If you don't feel comfortable including that information in a comment, you can e-mail it to me--the.karend at

3. Get an extra entry by linking this post from your blog or twitter stream; include the link in your comment.

4. Optional but much appreciated: include a suggestion for what change(s) you'd like to see on this blog. Maybe you'd like fewer comparison posts. Maybe you'd like to see my stash. Maybe you'd like a fancier blog design (couldn't really get less fancy). I can't promise to implement all the suggestions--I suspect some will conflict, actually, but I'd like to know what you all think. If you have a suggestion but don't want to be entered in the contest, that's fine; just let me know in your comment that you don't need them or don't like them or don't do drugstore polish or whatever.

I'll be taking entries until midnight Eastern U.S. time on June 20, 2010. Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Karen! Such a lovely giveaway, it makes me want to do rainbow skittles.I love your blog as it is, but something that could make it even better is theme weeks. You know, gliter week, holo week, nail art week, pastel creme week, foreign swap polish week ;). Keep up the good work and have a great weekend!

  2. Well done on getting so many followers.
    I am a follower :D
    I posted your giveaway in my sidebar (

    And I love nail art so I would like to see more of that. You have so many colours so you could do so much stuff.

    In regards to the layout, I think a picture for your header would sparkle up the blog so much.
    Hope you like my suggestions x

    PS. I forgot to tell you that HT has come but I'm at a different address so I haven't had a chance to use it yet, I should be able to pick it up next weekend. I'm so excited to give it a go!!

  3. Congrats on your 100! It's definitely an acheivement!

    Enter me! I'm a follower on GFC

    And my suggetion: I'd love to see your stash! I also love comparison posts, so I don't get tempted to buy dupes!

  4. Oh right, I'm stupid, I forgot to leave my email:

    musicalhouses at hotmail dot com

  5. Great giveaway, so many colors! I think that you should make your layout more colorful, for that extra bang.
    I'm a follower of course.

  6. 1. I'm a follower through google friend connect- StardustStephanie
    2. starduststeph86(at)yahoo(dot)com
    3. I added your giveaway to my sidebar
    4. I think your blog content wise is GREAT no change needed there. I think you could add a punch of color to your blog though either in your header or background. :)

  7. Congrats on the 100 followers.
    I like your blog the way it is now, but maybe a header picture or a little color in the background?

    I am a follower via GFC

    I also blogged about your giveaway

    my email address is: stephanie.desouza(at)gmail(dot)com

  8. Hey! Congrats on 100 followers :) I follow you through Google Connect~ and I love those rainbow colours :P I'd love to see your nail polish collection! A header or background colour would also make your blog look a lot more colourful :)


  9. Hiya, Karen. I'm a GFC-person.
    I'm putting your giveaway in a sidebar! Very generous btw!!
    I don't care about layout that much but you know the format for your labels? Well, some of them are a bit pale and small for my eyesight. Could they be a consistent size and colour, please?

  10. I'd like to enter!

    1. I follow through google connect, and my email is
    2. I put your giveaway in the sidebar on my blog. It's under "Free Stuff". Link:

    3. Maybe this is kind of nosy, but I'd love to hear more stuff about you and your life. Like the stuff you like, other hobbies..stuff like that. Even though this is a nail polish blog, I think getting to know stuff about the blogger makes it more fun to read. Also, theme weeks are a good idea!

    Congrats on making 100 followers!

  11. Hi! Congrats on 100! I'm an old follower - via GFC, my email is fleurs.nails(at)google(dot)com.

    I love your blog the way it is, but a good comparison never hurt anyone, so more of that please :) Oh, and some nail art:)

  12. Hi Karen!

    I follow you with google friend connect, at twitter and with my rss-feeder. So you could say I'm a follower :) I also tweeted about you giveaway here


  13. Hi !
    I'm a new follower (GFC) and I'd like to enter your contest :)
    My email is ayuumi(at)hotmail(dot)fr
    I posted your giveaway in my sidebar (

    As I just discivered your blog, I don't know yet what to improve, but a nice picture of your nails or polish for the header would be nice :)

    Thanks !

  14. Ahhhh pretties <3! I'm a new follower through GFC and you can reach me via dwmpunt at gmail dot com!

  15. Hi, enter me please :)

    I'm follower Lucisek-Lucy's Stash

    I also tweeted :) nick lucisek_beluha

    I posted about your giveaway on my blog-on the left-



  16. peripatetic33
    peripatetic33 at hot mail dot com
    enter me please and thank you
    don't worry so much about making changes to please others just blog about what you like - that is what makes blogging fun learning new stuff about nail polish from others and knowing they enjoy what they are doing

  17. Thanks for this giveaway, it's a really generous prize :D
    I follow your blog and my email is

    In terms of things you could change or do differently...How about doing some posts about yourself so we really get to know you as a person? As long as you don't mind of course :D

  18. Please Enter me !
    The Hind.

  19. Congrats on 100 followers and thanks for the great contest. I love all of the great colors :)

  20. Hi, great giveawa you have.

    I am your follower and I retwetted it here:

    Have fun!

  21. What an exciting give away! congrats on all the followers... I hope to win, I love that you have opened this up to everyone... also I am going to post this on my Blog ( and on my twitter...

    thanks again

  22. 100 followers already, well done! Of course I'm a follower and want to enter the contest. I've put it on my giveaway page on my blog:

    And I think your blog design is great, but I'm a sucker for clean designs. I don't like it when it's all plottery and animated gifs and too much colors. Well, a little more color might spice things up .)

  23. The picture of those polishes all lined up that makes me drool!

    I'm a follower with Google Friend Connect - enter me please!

  24. Hi. = )
    *I'm a follower with GFC (User - Nós).
    What a lovely giveaway. Count me in, please.

    *Put your giveaway on my sidebar.

    Andreia. xoxo

  25. Hi, Karen! I follow with GFC as Kimberly. My email addy is libbyspinkvanity(at)
    I posted about your giveaway here:

    I love your blog just the way it is. :) And I do love comparisons, yes!

  26. Hello! I just found your blog thanks to enamoredenamel. I'm following now via GFC.

    I really love the comparison posts, keep those coming! :D

  27. i follow your blog under kshuttle!! i love the green colour...i have been itching to wear green nail polish hehe

  28. I follow using google friend connect!
    This is a gorgeous giveaway ! I love the blues the most !! Please enter me in your giveaway

  29. I'm a follower through Google Friend Connect! I think your blog is great - but I'd love to see a colorful header!

    I've been looking for these darn WnW colors everywhere! Great idea for a giveaway!

    My email is terrenity(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!

  30. Great contest! The last place I could buy WnW just stopped carrying the brand, so I've been sad.

    I'm a follower via Blogger/GFC (not sure on the difference between the two, but I see you in my Dashboard). email is lunatikitty[at]gmail[dot]com

    As for a suggestion...I rather like the white background. I love color too, but its refreshing to see simple layouts as well. Hmm, perhaps a link to your original post or to a brief explanation of your blog's name? I know what it means (I remember the incident on MUA) but some newcomers might not understand.

    Anyhow, love your blog as it is now!

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  32. I'm a follower! Awesome giveaway I still haven't seen these in my neck of the woods!

    I posted about your giveaway on my blog (right sidebar)

    I"m a new follower so I dont know if its my place to make suggestions to change, but honestly I think your blog is fine the way it is, its nice and clean, very simple. I like the comps too!

  33. Congrats on the followers! I'm a follower, I'd like to be entered :D

    I think perhaps if you find another template or background for your blog it could help out :) And perhaps some nail art, that would be really cool

  34. Great giveaway! I am a follower
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  35. Wow, amazing giveaway!

    I'm a follower via GFC: cupcakequeen22

    My email is: dchen22 [at] hotmail dot com

    I tweeted here:

    I'd love to see more nail art. I'm just starting out, so I love to see what others are doing. :)

  36. Fun giveaway. I'm a new follower through google reader.

    Email: perrypiepolish at

    I don't have a suggestion yet. As I've just started follow, but I'll be sure to make some when I have them.

  37. I am your new follower ozlem a. ozlemalkank(et)gmail(dot)com

    I wish you a lazy, happy sunday.

  38. I'm a follower via GFC, user Venice

    daianagrosz at yahoo dot com

    I would love you to add more color to your blog overall

  39. Hi! Gorgeous rainbow giveaway!

    I'm a new follower via GFC as Helena :)

    I twitted:

    I'd really love to see your stash :D

  40. Awesome giveaway.
    I'm a follower (of course) :) with google friend connect with the name susies1955 AND with bloglines. :)
    My email is
    I blogged about your giveaway on my sidebar:
    I love your blog and of course I would want to see your stash, your place that you polish, and I love hauls, konading, and gosh everything nails. :

  41. I'm a follower!

    I would like to see more of your haul. It's always nice to see what people have on the other side of the world.

    Enter me for the contest.

  42. Hi Karen! I'm a follower through google friend connect. My email is
    I like your blog, although you could add some pictures or a splash of color to "kick it up a notch"! I also like the idea of having theme weeks every now and then.
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  43. hi!! great give away!! pls. enter me in!! Im a follower
    heres my email add: hanniz017 at yahoo dot com

    thanks!! and more power!!

  44. Such cute colors :)

    I would love to see pics of your stash and how it is organized. Also more comparison pics is appriciated.

    You can contact me at tge1985(at)

  45. What an awesome giveaway, Karen - thanks! I follow through google and my email is SoftballPixie08@gmail(dot)com

    I would love to see some stash pictures and how you store your polish. Maybe you could a couple of days where you show us your top 10 or 20 polishes from your collection; that would be awesome!

  46. hi!
    this is a really great giveaway, who cares they are drugstore brand, polish is polish to me, I would love to try anything.
    I follow with google friend connect bij the name noor.vandijk.
    email is noor.vandijk[at]

  47. oke I don't follow with noor.vandijk but with noortje. weird!

  48. Hi,
    I'm a follower (rebie59)
    my email is : mesvernisamoi (at) gmail (dot) com
    I linked your giveaway in my blog here:
    Please keep on with the comparaisions post

  49. Great giveaway!!!

    I follow through GFC.
    And I would LOVE to see your stash.


  50. Wow, do I see a rainbow? Awesome choice of colours :) I follow through GFC. My e-mail is:

  51. I'm in! I'm a follower and I twitted about it at

    finger crossed! :)

  52. Thanks for this giveaway! I'm a follower through google friend connect, and my email is glitterkitten at hellokitty dot com.

    I would love more nail art posts!

  53. Hy, Awesome giveaway !
    Congrats !
    I posted about your contest :
    Adding a little color to your blog.
    My email :
    Thanks , Andreea!

  54. Hi!! joining in the fun!
    Following u thru Google Friend Connect under the name xnosugaraddedx. blogged about ur giveaway here and i'd love to see more nail arts and konad-ing. :D


  55. I'd like to enter! I follow you via GFC (Midge) and my email is smdgen AT gmail DOT com. I also posted a pic and link in the sidebar of my blog to this post at :)

    I think your content is good, I like the comparisons so I know which shades are close when I go shopping. I think you should throw in some color tho, either a fun header or maybe a background... or both! :)

  56. i follow with GFC.

    i tweeted:

    i would love to see all the nail polishes you own! :D

    thanks so much for this ! , quite excited.

  57. I am a follower through GFC

    This is such a nice collection. Haven't seen this in any of my DS.

    I think you should add a pretty background to your blog. You can go to

  58. I'm a new follower o:

    I love the rainbow thing you did, lol.

    I tweeted:

  59. Please enter me! What an amazing giveaway!

  60. I've seen your fabric stash and it was amazing, so I'd love to see the nailpolish stash.

    I tweeted you (half of my followers know you already, of course)

  61. Hi! Thank you for this generous giveaway! I'm following you with GFC as joanne.j


    I think you can add some colors / background picture in the background or header part to make your blog feel more live :)

    joanne.j at hotmail dot com

  62. I'm totally a follower. ;) and I'm a Karen too! Love the skittles, wish we could find half of this stuff up here though.


  63. What a lovely giveaway the colours are fantastic !
    I am a new follower, and have added your giveaway to the box in my sidebar on here:
    Thanks a bunch !

  64. 1. I follow via Google Reader

    2. My email is bellebathandbeyond [at] gmail [dot] com

    3. Tweeted about this giveaway!:

    4. Your blog is great as it is with very good content, but I think a change in layout would be fantastic! :)

  65. Hi, I follow your blog with the name nyappy_girl
    my mail is :

    You are in my giveaway list and I make an article to talk about your giveaway on =>

    I found your blog very good but why not change a little your layout ^^ with more colours.

    Thanks for this giveaway :)

  66. Hi :=)

    Congrats on 100 followers :)
    I'm follower via Google Friend Connect my pseudo is Abso .
    My email is

    That is an awesome giveaway!

  67. Great giveaway! Wet 'n' Wild is a brand I can't get my hands on (I live in Argentina) so this is a great opportunity for me!
    As for the suggestion, I'm always super curious as to know the nail polish (or make up) collection of my followee bloggers xD
    I'm a follower via GFC under the name of Arwen, and my email's

  68. Congrats on 100! :)
    I am a follower through GFC as heather.cline and my email is
    I would love to see your collection! I think that would be fun!
    I tweeted:

  69. I'd love to enter this giveaway =)
    I am a follower(rhea katyal).

    I linked to your giveaway in this post:

    plz continue doing comparison posts, plzzzzzz, they are very helpful. I'd love to see your stash, and you know, quick swatching of all all untrieds & all that would be fun =)


  70. wow, what an awesome giveaway!

    i don't have any suggestions, i love all the comparisons you do, it's so useful!!!

    your giveaway is on my sidebar (, i put you on my blogroll, will you put me on yours?

    i also tweeted:


  71. duh, email!

    sara @

  72. hi, i am your follower

    email me :)

    thankies for helding this giveaway

  73. Hi, I´m a new follower (Google Friend Request), so I don´t have any change requests to your blog :)
    My name is s.lam, email: s.lam(at)gmx(dot)net

    I posted a link to your giveaway on my blog on

    Thank you :o)

  74. awesome giveaway

    1. i follow! (googlereader)

    2. i tweeted!

    3. a more colorful layout would be cool, but as i follow on googlereader i wouldn't see it regularly. for first time visitors though, it would make it a little more interesting to look at as they scroll through!

  75. Hi, thanks for this giveaway :)
    I discovered this brand recently but I love it !!
    I am a follower via Google : Saori
    I blogged about your giveaway here :
    My e-mail
    If I can tell you something, I find your blog to white, more colors will be great & fun :)
    kiss from France

  76. I follow your blog via google friend connect by the username 'Ezzy'.

    I think you should really get a nice blog design will do wonders. however i like your comparison posts so please continue with them :)


  77. Hi! I'm a follower (via GFC).
    I only just found your blog, so I'm not sure what you could improve, but your photos are great - the lighting is perfect!

  78. Hi! I'm following through GFC.


    My email's

  79. Hi, thanks for this wonderful giveaway! I'm a new follower and my email is and for improvement, I would love to see your nail polish stash!

  80. hello karen! enter me in your lovely give away.

    1. I'm a follower through google friend connect- Jan Hues
    2. My email is hueandme.jan at

    I love your blog... and would love to see some nail art. Also, add more color! Try putting a colorful or funky header or background :) if you don't want it so loud, try background in rainbow pastels :)

  81. Just found your blog and I'm loving it. Congrats on all the followers (plus 1 more now ;-) ) and thanks so much for the great giveaway. I can never find any of the new drugstore polishes when I go out, so I'm crossing my fingers for this one. W'n'W will always be one of my favs, since it was one of the first brands I ever used & they had cool colors even way back then.

    Keep up the great work.

  82. I'm a follower through GFC as wund3rkind, and my email address is wund3rkind [at] gmail [dot] com.

    The only change I would make would be to add a image header, nothing flashy.. simple is good!

    Thanks =)

  83. Hi, I am lisa, a rather new follower through GFC. Posted your giveaway on my sidebar but as my blog is rather new, I doubt it gets all that hits. Sorry...

    I know design is a waste when you use a reader, but a personal header makes it easier to distinguish a blog when you visit it.
    And hey, maybe more posts from stores? As our stores don't carry Orly and such, I can't help but be amazed when I see your displays. So many polishes! It makes Sweden look like cold-war Russia.

    I'm lisa[at}

  84. Hi, My name is Li Lian and I would love to entered in your contest

    1. I am following you through my blog under google friend connect:
    li lian

    My email is

    2. I have posted about your contest in my blog here:

    3. I want to see you stash!!!!! Stash stash!!!!

  85. Hello!

    I am a follower of your blog via Google Friend Connect. My e-mail address is: camellia.muresan(at)yahoo(dot)com

    I blogged about your giveaway here:

    I would like to see your nail art collection :)

  86. Hi Karen!!
    I am follower. Thanks for this giveaway .Great so many collors!

    I love your blog,

    My name is Providencebr and my email is

    my blog is:


  87. Thanks for organising such a lovely giveaway.

    I'm following you through gfc, name is Sharon. My email is sweetdreamyisland(at)hotmail(dot)com.

    I've blogged about this here:

  88. i am a follower
    yokemun (
    posted about your giveaway at my sidebar (

    i love nail arts, if you could include more nail art like drawings,that'll be good!!=)

  89. 1. I am a follower via google, Jackie S

    2. alesia60614 at yahoo dot com

    3. I posted your giveaway to my sweet giveaway side bar

    4. Don't change a thing, I love comparison post, keep'em coming :)

  90. Hi there! I am a follower via Google. My Google name is stellaincognita, but it's linked to my email address which is

    I can't find these polishes anywhere out here, but they're beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  91. So many pretty polishes!! Great giveaway.

    I follow via google friend connect, as "Vandal". My email is


  92. I'm a follower and added your giveaway to my sidebar

    thif ane (at) g mail (dot) com

  93. omg soo much nail polishes i wish i can win it!
    im old followers of ur blog hehe
    i'd to see more bout ur comparison posts! love it! :)

    i post your giveaway link:


  94. What a beautiful array of colors! I am a follower of your blog through Google friend connect under the name "Kimber".

    My email address is

    kirby.monk (at) gmail (dot) com


  95. Great givaway!

    I just found your blog and I am now a proud follower. I also put you on my blog roll and blogged about the giveaway in my sidebar, here:

    I love the comparing posts (and the fact that you have 4 Helmers, it makes me feel like I'm not the only polish lunatic around ;-D )

    My address is: pixelpig(at)

  96. I follower via GFC as luckyfinds

    I posted your giveaway on my upper right sidebar at


  97. Wow, great giveaway

    tameriska at gmail dot com

  98. Hi!

    I'm a new follower :)

    Follower Name: Margarida

    I posted your giveaway in the right sidebar of my blogue:

    I think that a new header for your blogue would be a good ideia. I like to see comparisons on nail polishes.. It's easier to decide :)

    XoXo from Portugal

  99. Hi, I just discovered your blog and I have to say that it looks really nice!
    and WOW, this give away is huge, so awesome.
    I follow through gfc called you nailed it!
    i blogged:
    i tweeted:
    your blog is also in my blogroll, but it only shows the last 25 posts.
    I would be so happy if i'd win this!
    maybe you could add a nice color to your blog? i do like comparisons, i guess i like everything that's about polish so you quickly satisfy me, haha
    good luck with all your followers and your blog!
    fingers crossed!
    xx ♥

  100. Hello!!
    Lovely giveaway, thanks so very much!!
    I'm a follower GFC "Golden Wishes".
    I think you have a great blog, your comparison post are very helpful.
    I'd love to see your stash and if you have some nail art to show that would be great too.

    My e-mail: ottigc(at)

    Congratulations on your 100 followers ;-)

  101. I'm a follower :)

    I posted your giveaway in my sidebar

    I think stash and comparisons would be good :)

  102. Hi, I'm a follower!
    Great giveaway you're doing, and congrats with getting so many followers!

    I added your giveaway to a sidebar of my blog ( and tweeted about it (

    A little color or pictures may be a good addition to you blog, but not that necessary, I love the simplicity of it!

  103. Hello :)

    I'm from portugal and I use to follow your blog. I would like to participate in this giveaway.

    My name is Silvia and my email is

    I put your giveaway on my sidebar :) please check

    Thank you**

  104. Awesome blog! I am a follower on GF and love to see comparisons. I also like the idea of Theme week as mentioned previously. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

  105. I'm a new follower via google friend connect :) I look forward to reading your posts!!

    my email is in my profile

  106. i tweeted about your giveaway :)

  107. I'm a new subscriber to your blog so....I'm not really familiar with all of your content. However, I like the blog design to be simple - usually people put too many things and it just lags the page and makes it load really slow - keep it simple and elegant. I also really like comparison posts! so keep those :)

  108. Hi ,
    I am a follower shaim

    Blog about it

    Tweet about it

    I think its great if you do some art nail tutorials and look

  109. Great giveaway! thanks a lot for giving everyone the opportunity to win all these pretties :)
    I'm a new GFC follower and would love to participate, please.
    My email is moncoinamoua (at) hotmail (dot) com
    I posted your giveaway in the left hand side column of my blog:
    I'm always very curious to see what other people's stash consist of so I would really love to have a peek into yours :)

  110. Enter me please!!

    I am a follower.

    I tweeted your giveaway here:

  111. Hello I am céline
    I would like to participate in this concour, I am new in your disciplines of the nail art since I am you thus these presents will be me useful to begin.
    My email:
    My suggestion would be that kept silent translates into French because I has to pass by a translator, otherwise I like your comparisons, it is for what I looked.
    Good continuation
    Sorry for my English it is the translator.

  112. Pick me!
    I am a follower-wafah beg

    email me-

  113. Hi there, I'm following using Google Friend Connect and my email is Tavorna(at)hotmail(dot)com.

    I really love your comparisons, so helpful! Would love to see your stash, as well as NOTD or review posts of any rare/hard to find/discontinued polishes that you may have.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such an awesome collection! Wet n Wild aren't sold here in Australia, so I appreciate your generosity for this opportunity. =)

  114. Hey, I'm a follower via GFC and I'd like to enter the giveaway.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    amerseksasa at hotmail dot vom

  115. Hi, I'd like to join this giveaway.

    I'm a follower and posted your giveaway on my sidebar

    thi fane (at) g mail (dot) com

    I like comparisons posts, specially between inexpensive and fancy brands.


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  117. follower - yvesrocher-avon
    email -

    love the nail polish :)

  118. hi...its my first time to visit ur blog it was really great & was also my first tme to join a will be ur follower...thanks & continue blogging!

    my email add is:

  119. Hi, I'm a google friend follower (StampingNails). My email address is

    Posted your giveaway on my website. you can check out my post here:

    Post nail art. That's aways fund to do and fun for others to look at. That reminds me. I need to start putting up more post on my nail stamping soon.

    Thanks again for posting this giveaway!

  120. I am still hoping to find these... GREAT GIVEAWAY!!!
    Congratulation on the 100+++ followers! Isn't it exciting! =P

  121. I am a follower thru GFC under Raven Glass-Johnson

    my addy is

    I think if anything u cud use a bright layout to make everything pop!!!! or put up pictures, as a way for us to connect with you. I guess lol

    This giveaway is great!!!!! these, color are sooooooooooooo hot!!!!!

  122. Hi Karen, I'm a new follower via Google Friend Connect, and my address is daffylosophy [at] gmail [dot] com

    I love the colors you chose for this giveaway, I am eager to do a rainbow-like manicure but I haven't enough shades for it yet.

    About your blog, I think it's pretty good, but a fancier design would enhance it ! Nothing extravagant is needed, simple and elegant designs are juste way better than all blingy-creepy websites !

    Good luck everyone :)

  123. ooohh lovely colors!!!i love them already :P
    I'm a new follower!
    I post about your giveaway on my blog:
    My e-mail:
    Kiss u :*

  124. Thanks for the great giveaway.

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