Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lime Shimmers

When looking through my stash for limes to compare to Who the Shrek Are You?, I came across more shimmers than I expected, so figured I'd do a comparison of those as well.

Lime shimmers

Left to right: L'Oreal Shocking Green, Revlon Beach, Zoya Tangy, Maybelline Key Largo Lime.

Before I could get polishing to try these, I had to fix a problem with the brush on the L'Oreal:

Lime shimmers

Lime shimmers

Top to bottom: Maybelline Key Largo Lime, Zoya Tangy, Revlon Beach, L'Oreal Shocking Green.

As you can see, none of these are dupes. Starting at the top, the Maybelline needed five (!) coats; it's the darkest of these four. Next up is three coats of the Zoya; what looks like visible nail line there is a problem with the nail underneath that I usually disguise better with gobs of ridgefiller. Revlon Beach was the lightest and yellowest of these; I used four coats. Finally, the L'Oreal was the least shimmery; I used three coats. I'm not sure which is my top pick here. I like the color and finish of the Maybelline the best, but five coats is right out; I suppose I could layer it over my favorite of the lime cremes, SH Grass Slipper.


  1. That brush is seriously scary. :(

  2. I like the PINKIE the best. :)
    Nice comparisons.

  3. I like the Maybelline the best! You sure do have a slew of limes!

  4. I like the Maybelline's color best too. But 5 coats doesn't seem to be winning me over on that.

    I like the side by side comparisons. You'd think they'd be closer in color but on the nail, it's not so.

  5. Great comparison posts! I like the Revlon and the Maybelline

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  6. I immediately opted for the Maybelline. 5 coats is excessive though.


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