Monday, October 18, 2010

L'Oreal Luminescence

Remember the L'Oreal display with only one of each color polish in it? (Picture in this entry.) When I saw it the second time, there was BOGO50% sale on, so I got the two shimmers. I tried the purple one, Luminescence, first (no big surprise there). The formula was fine; I used two coats.

The two photos above are indoors, in the the indirect light of my lightbox. I was rather unexcited by the effect, a very dark plum with the shimmer pretty much disappearing into it. When I went outside into the sun (picture below), I could see the pink and purple and bright plum of the shimmer, and that was pretty.

Being a purple lover, I was sure I'd find at least one dupe of this in my collection. Based on the shimmer and color in the bottle, I picked a couple from my purple drawer to compare.

Left to right: Borghese Plummaggio Purple, L'Oreal Luminescence, Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Spark.

When I put the Borghese and Sally Hansen on my nails (both were two coats, like the L'Oreal), I saw they were more blue-toned and obviously shimmery.

Top to bottom: Luminescence, Plummaggio Purple, Luminescence, Spark.

In the sun, even the shimmer on Plummaggio Purple and Spark showed more blue than the Luminsecence.

Left to right: Luminescence, Plummaggio Purple, Luminescence, Spark.

I'm still convinced I have something close to Luminescence; I just need to find it. Maybe that's why L'Oreal only put one of each in the display; they knew the colors weren't that special.

Of the this group, my favorite is Spark. Unfortunately, that's been discontinued along with the rest of the Lacquer Shine line. Diamond Strength is still going strong but my beloved Lacquer Shine, not so much.


  1. Really pretty colors!

  2. They're all very pretty, but I do prefer the Sally Hansen and the Borghese.

  3. hmm, can you take it back and get your money back? it really is lacking in spectacular-ness and it would just be a waste of space in your helmer amongst all those glorious dark purples that you have that actually show true-to-color! =)

  4. Bleh L'Oreal...mean to bunnies and mice for nothing.

    But omg, I didn't know they discontinued those Sally Hansens! I only have Spark (which I incidentally hear is a dupe for OPI Russian Navy), but those were some good colors.
    *pours out a little lacquer for SH Lacquer Shine line*

  5. Wow, I looove Luminescence! So pretty! The Sally Hansen is really pretty, too.

  6. I agree with looks vaguely familiar? Something from the ChG Rodeo Diva collection maybe? or Blk bila bong? I can't quite put my finger on it?

  7. I love the Lacquer Shines too and was thinking that other L'Oreal shimmer has a LS dupe too, either Luminous or Radiant. If you have either of those could you do a comparison when you swatch it?

    I got bare nails right now and I think I'll go dig out some Lacquer Shines and put one of those on!


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