Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wheel M: Pink Cremes

Nail Wheel Wednesday is back after its impromptu hiatus. Today it's pink cremes. Let me know in the comments if you have any wheel requests for future installments.

Nail wheel

1. Maybelline Express Finish Pink Sombrero (3 coats)
2. Wet 'n' Wild Craze Tahiti (3)
3. OPI Feelin' Hot Hot Hot (2)
4. OPI Charged Up Cherry (2)
5. Sally Hansen Insta Dri Speedy Sunburst (2) [sunburst? shouldn't that be yellow?]
6. Sally Hansen Salon Azalea (2)
7. Maybelline Express Finish Fiesta Fuchsia (3)
8. Sally Hansen Salon Cherry Nice (2)
9. Studio M Power Pink (3)
10. Essie Pink Parka (3)
11. Pro 10 Spin (2)
12. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear unlabeled mini (2)
13. Borghese unlabeled mini (2)
14. Revlon Bubble Gum (2)
15. Maybelline Express Finish Candy Coated (2) [this one has a secretive shimmer]
16. Maybelline Wet Shine Pink Crush (2)
17. Studio M Hot Fuchsia (2)
18. Nail Tek Dose-A-Rosa (2)
19. CND Passionfruit Poppy(2)
20. Nails Inc. New York (2)


  1. Pink cremes? Can it get any better!? :) I'm putting all of these on my wishlist!

  2. Wooooooooooow, I want all of them. :D Bad bad Karen, now my WL is muuuuuuch longer! :P

    Oh, why I love pink so much? :D Hahaha, really great post! I will save the picture on my computer. :D

  3. ooooh, pink. my favorite!

    is there such a thing as a glitter wheel? i've never seen one before?

  4. That's a nice collection of pinks :)

  5. Oh my, so many! And they all look great :)

  6. Thanks, ladies!

    nailspotting & Ivana, surely you don't need them all--maybe just the ones that aren't dupe-y of each other. :)

    Enamel Girl, I'm sure there can be a glitter wheel. Given my weakness for sparkly stuff, there might need to be more than one.

  7. Have you done one on grey/greige? Or those greyed lavender colours that were so popular recently? Like Commander in Chic and Metro Chic and all those ones - they all look so similar to me!

    Also, I'm looking for my ideal creme red - I've got lots of shimmery reds but I need more creme finish ones!

  8. elizabby, I did some greiges/taupes on Wheel E and some red cremes on Wheel G, but I know I have more of both that didn't get swatched them, so will put them on the list. :)

  9. Oh, that is so so so adorable. I only have one colour on your wheel!! (serious envy of the depth of your stash!)...

    I really feel like some candy now.. heh.


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