Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunshine Award

Melanie from The Color Palette tagged me with the Sunshine Award. I always smile when I visit her blog; she's got such a cheerful header image and color codes the two languages she writes her posts in to add to the fun. Thanks for your posts and the award, Melanie!

Sunshine Award Badge

The rules for this award:
1. Post the image on your blog
2. Link the blogger who gave it to you
3. Pass it on to other bloggers and link to them
4. Let them know you've tagged them by commenting on their blog

Here are the blogs I'm tagging this time, ones that bring some sunshine into my internet time. I know some of these may have been tagged before or may not want to or have time to pass along the award; I want to link them regardless because I like them.

Beauty Verdict seems to have some serious shopping mojo, both online and off; she's shared some polishes I've not seen anywhere else. She also reviews beauty products other than nail polish, which expands my horizons a bit, which is always good.

Hermetic's polish blog does a great job showing brands that aren't necessarily well covered on other sites.

Mommy and R.E.I.T.'s Nail Blog is like getting two blogs in one, since both Mommy and R.E.I.T share their thoughts on polish and what they're wearing on their nails. It grabbed me from the first entry, in which R.E.I.T. (who is wise beyond her two years on this earth) said "I want paint". I do too, R.E.I.T.

Lois at NailYorkCity has lovely long nailbeds (that's not weird to say, is it?), and is always inspiring me to add polishes to my wish list because she picks such pretty ones.

Running with Polish combines several of my favorite things in one blog: nail polish, cute dog pictures, and running stories (I *will* get back to running regularly one of these months).

Mirannie's Nails, a blog I tagged in an earlier entry, is having her first giveaway; go here to enter before October 31st. Here's a peek at the prizes:


I'm in the process of verifying the entries for my 500 followers contest and hope to notify the winners via e-mail either late today or early tomorrow; I'll post the results in an entry later this week.


  1. thank you for tagging me! the thing about my nailbeds made me laugh, haha! thanks! <3

  2. OMG, thanks! R.E.I.T. and I are super excited!

  3. Thank you for tagging me! Serious shopping mojo = spendaholic.. guilty as charged!! hehehehe
    You are so cute - thank you!


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