Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wheel L: Light Pink Cremes

Sorry for the lack of an entry yesterday; I've been slogging through a change of season cold that's going around the office and yesterday was feeling so crappy I stayed home from work and spent as little time online as possible so I could rest. I think I turned a corner, though; I don't feel feverish anymore so if I can just get rid of the cough and stuffy nose I'll be all set. This week's offering for Nail Wheel Wednesday is pale pink cremes (with one shimmer that snuck in there somehow).

Nail wheel

1. Essie Pink Glove Service (4 coats)
2. Massini Transluscent (4)
3. Barielle Parisian Pink (4)
4. Essie Vanity Fairest (4) [this has a slight shimmer]
5. Essie Rock Candy (4)
6. Avon Color Last French Lilac (4)
7. Essence Colour & Go Sweet as Candy (4)
8. Studio M Speed Dial (4)
9. Rescue Beauty Lounge Lulu (4)
10. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Sheer Strawberry (4)
11. Maybelline Express Finish Bubble Pink (4) [yucky formula on this one]
12. Maybelline Express Finish Passing By Pink (4) [another clumpy one]
13. Pro 10 Innocence (4)
14. Studio M Fast Play (4)
15. Essence Cute as Hell Not Just Cute (3)
16. Wet 'n' Wild Cotton Candy Delight (3)
17. China Glaze Something Sweet (3)
18. OPI Mod About You (4)
19. Revlon Colorstay Ongoing Orchid (3)
20. Essie Neo Whimsical (4)


  1. Sorry you weren't feeling well.Glad to know you're better.

    I love pink.I especially love the darker ones on the left side of the wheel.

  2. Ohhh I would love to have them all! They are stunning!!!! <3

  3. sorry you were feeling ill, I love all these pinks, except I can never pull of any of these shades on myself.

  4. gah! thanks for posting swatches of your pink cremes! i've been lookng for some pink cremes for myself!! :)

  5. Hope you feel better soon! And helpful nail wheel comp as always!

  6. I love Opi Mod about You!

    Feel Better!

  7. doesn't the one sneaky shimmer just drive you mad? I had to get very firm with my Mr when he helped with my wheels!

    glad you're feeling better doll :)

  8. i want them all. booh. maybe more of the 3 coater ones though. 4 coats is annoying.. lol hope you are feeling better.

  9. Wow, that's a lot of pale pinks! I hope your cold goes completely away soon.

  10. Recently I wanted to buy sweet as candy Essence- but now I can see it must be very sheer. And doesn't look as pink as in the bottle :( I might get something sweet ChG instead.

  11. you have a lot of pinks:D

  12. I hope you are feeling better now... Thank you for posting this! I am trying to sort out my collection on wheels and it is a world of pain for me...

    Unfortunately pinks are very difficult for me to wear because of my dark skintone most pinks make my hands look dirty. But I adore the way cool pinks look in the bottle and on your wheel - again I am reminded of cupcake frosting! I seriously have cupcakes on the brain I think!!! Cute!


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