Monday, October 11, 2010

Slow Display Week

Just a few new to me displays this week. My Ulta has started carrying Barielle, and the first ones I saw of were in this Style in Argyle display, which I believe is their Fall 2010 collection. I like that they feature a gradient mani in the artwork, and good for them for having a vision and sticking to it rather than just throwing a bunch of unrelated colors and finishes together and calling it a collection. I just wish the vision had involved colors that are more appealing to my eye. I didn't buy any of these but wonder if any of them are close to the browner of the Chanel Khakis. I may have to go back with my nail wheel swatches and compare.

Left to right: Aura Angora, Tight Knit, Unraveled Rust, Wool You Marry Me?, Cashmere or Loose Me, Cowl of the Wild.

Also at Ulta, I saw the L'Oreal Midnight Muse collection. This one is annoying because they only have one bottle of each of the polishes. One. Seriously? That's a bit too limited an approach to limited editions if you ask me. There are four polishes: Luminescence, a deep plum shimmer, Dark Sky, a deep plum creme, Le Sangre, a red creme, and Femme Noir, a deep red shimmer. The cremes look really dupe-able to me; I'm undecided about the shimmers, but will probably get them if I see them on sale somewhere.

Moving on to Meijer, mine is now carrying Nailtiques. The display says "proven protein treatments now with color". By color they seem to mean the ones between white and dark red. Purple, no. Green and blue and yellow? Fuggedaboutit. I didn't write down the shade names because I was too bored.

Finally, not a display but two very odd Sally Hansen bottles I found sitting on a endcap shelf at Meijer. They just say "nail color", no line name at all. One bottle is shaped like the Maximum Growth bottles, the other one is colored like the Opal line but is a different shape.

When I turned them around, this is what I saw:

I don't know what these are. They had price tags on them, but no UPCs, so I wonder if they came out of a broken up party pack. I left them in the store because the colors weren't singing to me, but later wondered if I should have gotten them just because I don't have any bottles like that—except then I realized that trying to collect even just one of every bottle type Sally Hansen has made over the years might require me to get another Helmer, and that's not a good idea.


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  1. I also like the gradient mani on the Barielle, very pretty!

    lol, from white to dark red, what a rainbow of choices!

  2. the gradient mani is really pretty. i wish they would have added a couple of burnt oranges or mustard yellows to the collection. aura angora looks neutral/beige against my skin tone....those SH bottles crack me up.

  3. I can't think of anything more boring than Argyle to base a nail polish line off. They should do, "The colors of Formica" next.

    My Ulta has Barielle, but they literally had like, six bottles of four colors on a bottom shelf under the the OPI. It was like, less than a quarter of a shelf and shared by Barielle and Zoya. Maybe they're building up, LOL.

  4. i think you are right about those SH! and the barielle! yawn city.

  5. Ooh, I like the Barielle gradient...I wish I had an Ulta closer to me than three hours away. :(

  6. Those SHs sure are strange. Yup, SH has been pumping out polish for so long, they're the majority of my stash too!

  7. That mustard shade of barielle is one of those colours I would never put on my nails. Honestly, it's so ugly to me.

  8. Agreed - I liked Barielle's vision behind this collection but the colors are rather unappealing. Lol @ L'oreal's uber-limited polishes. Also, not that impressed with the shades from that collection. Unless the shimmers are awesome. I'll probably check it out anyway, haha.

  9. I like the colours

  10. That's so strange about the, it's like meeting two people named Man and Woman.

  11. That is the shape of the opal bottles, but it looks like they traded out the cap with a maximum growth bottle.

    I like the Barielle colors, except that strange yellow.

  12. One of the things I really really appreciate is the time and effort you go to to get pics of nail stands. Not only cos I can't get 95% of it in Australia... but it really gets me so excited looking at the displays! I really am sick I guess. hehe. Thanks


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