Thursday, October 14, 2010

Swappity Swap

I have more swap goodies to share today, this time from my recent swap with Miranda of Mirannie's Nails.

Polishes left to right: Essence Choose Me, Glisten Up, and Get the Fever; Catrice From Dusk to Dawn, H & M Cha Cha, and Ozotic Pro 524.

H & M Cha Cha was the first one I tried because there was sunshine when I started swatching, and there's no better polish for sunny weather than a holo. Application was fine; two coats over a base coat was good, and I skipped top coat because this was a swatching session. Indoors, in indirect light, Cha Cha is a slightly sparkly champagne color.

Outside in the sunshine the colors come out to play.

I decided to compare Cha Cha to another holo in my stash, OPI DS Classic, the polish I call my "office holo" because it's not too flashy for a customer meeting but very entertaining sitting in the sun at stoplights on my commute. Two coats of DS Classic was a bit less opaque than two coats of Cha Cha. DS Classic is a little warmer-toned and a little deeper-hued.

Top to bottom: H & M Cha Cha, OPI DS Classic, H & M Cha Cha, OPI DS Classic.

Top to bottom: OPI DS Classic, H & M Cha Cha.

Outside, it was clear that the H & M is a finer grained and slightly less flamboyant holo, though they're both pretty.

Left to right: OPI DS Classic, H & M Cha Cha, OPI DS Classic, H & M Cha Cha.

Left to right: H & M Cha Cha, OPI DS Classic, H & M Cha Cha, OPI DS Classic.

I think Cha Cha might be my new office holo. Thanks, Miranda!


  1. love the opi ...gorgeous!!!

  2. Oh, that H&M is GORGEOUS!! I love the fine holo particles. It's like it's a very professional polish with a secret wild side!

  3. I love that you have an "office" holo!

  4. oh! chacha is so gorgeous!! holos ftw!

  5. Very pretty! I do prefer Classic, but they're both gorgeous.

  6. I really love both of these, but have neither. :( The closest color I own in Butter London All Hail McQueen, but it is more band-aid colored. I love that polish, though, for the same reason...indoors at meetings it just looks like I am wearing a flecked neutral, but then I go outside for lunch and BAM gorgeousness!

  7. Ohhh they are soo pretty! I love th OPI DS but this H&M is amazing too!

  8. Awesome swap. Wow, the H&M holo is fabulous. I didn't even know they did holos at H&M

  9. I wouldn't mind having either, but I prefer the fine grain smoother look of the H&M. It's a beauty!


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