Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kreativ with a K

Gotham Polish and Alaina of Perky Polish both kindly tagged me with the Kreativ Blogger award. Jule from Turtlechick's Nails 'n' Tales bestowed the Stlyish Blogger tag on me as well. I send my thanks to all three of them!

Since I was fortunate to have been able to pass along the Stylish award some time back, I'm going to just do the Kreativ one now. The rules to share 10 facts about yourself (which I have changed to 7 because I only have so long a lunch break and besides I have seen a 7 things version of this award on other blogs) and then tag 10 other bloggers to do the same.

Award Badge

Let's see—seven facts about myself; I hope I can do this without repeating things I've shared already...

1. I've worked my way up from 50 pounds on the leg press machine at the gym to 200 pounds over the past couple years.

2. I have collecting/hoarding genes from both parents, so I consider it a great accomplishment that there are any uncluttered spots in my house at all.

3. If it's free on iTunes, I will download it, which is why my ipod contains lots of songs in languages I don't understand and genres I don't usually listen to.

4. The top 3 things in my NetFlix DVD queue right now are
Moonlight: Season 1, Disc 1 (because I like vampire stories and Alex O'Loughlin); Black Swan (because my mom said I should see it); Glee: Season 1, Disc 4 (because I want to see the featurettes).

5. I am so low maintenance when it comes to my hair that I have my husband cut it, and he's never been anywhere near a beauty school.

6. Last Halloween, I came to work dressed as a giant bag of M&Ms:

Costume day at the office

7. I've had fewer than five cups of coffee to drink in my whole life. Diet Coke, on the other hand, I must have had thousands of those.

I'm awarding the Kreativ Blogger tag to:

Kayleigh at Box of Polish does some great nail art and swatches. I wish she'd post more often!

Day Loves Colours is mostly written in Czech (I am no language whiz, so it might be something else) but there's also an English summary at the end of each entry, which I read after I've looked at the pretty swatch and comparison pictures.

kittypolishnbags has a distinctive look, with photos large enough that I don't have to click through to see them bigger. She sometimes features polishes I've not seen anywhere else.

Konad Abuse does so many posts that make me say "wow, I wish those those were my nails" because of her miniscule gap and great stamping skills.

I love the sense of fun at comes across at Laura's Lacquers; I always seem to end up smiling whenever I read one of her posts.

Mai senza smalto! (a.k.a. Never without polish!) is a bilingual blog that showcases lots of swatches; I especially like the way she takes photos in a variety of lighting conditions and labels them all clearly.

jaybird at Polished Pirate makes super gorgeous frankens and also her swatches of commercial colors send me to my spreadsheet to make sure I have them because she makes them look good. She's having her first giveaway right now, too.

solensdanserinde is written in Danish but she takes such clear photos that I almost don't need words (and Google translate does a good enough job that I can get the gist of the entries).

Gail's blog, today's agenda, covers two of my favorite pursuits, knitting and nail polish.

Whale's Nails is a fairly new blog; Rose writes in English and Polish (I'm pretty sure it's Polish) and swatches some brands I can get here and some I can't but still enjoy seeing her pretty pictures of.


  1. Love the idea of the Halloween costume

  2. Thanks for the tag! Thanks for sharing those 7 things about you too! M&M costume = WIN!

  3. COngratulations :)
    I love your M&M costume, looks soo cuddly, lols!

  4. Thanks muchly for the tagging :)

  5. Blogger deleted my yesterday comment so again - thank you for TAG, I´ll try to answer you as soon as I have some free time.
    Yes, it is czech :)

  6. Thanks a lot for tagging my blog, means a lot for me. :> And It's in Polish indeed!

  7. Congratulations on your award! I love your comprehensive nail polish posts. I'm a new reader to your blog via Gail, and I'm sticking around!

  8. Thank you Karen!! I'm happy you like the "labelled" pictures :-)


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