Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wheel Q1: Yellow to Orange Shimmers

I didn't have enough of either yellow or orange unswatched shimmers to fill a whole nail wheel, so I put them together onto one. Maybe I should have started a yellow wheel and an orange wheel and left blank tips for new acquistions, but too late now.

Nail wheel

(all 3 coats unless otherwise noted)

1. Color Club Volt of Light
2. Nina Ultra Pro In the Spotlight (4 coats)
3. Milani Neon Lites
4. Piggy Polish Mystic
5. Orly Spark [very subtle shimmer]
6. Nicole Yellow It's Me
7. Sally Hansen Salon Forsythia
8. Revlon Top Speed Electric (2)
9. Piggy Polish Hot Attack
10. Sinful Canary Yellow (2)
11. SH Hard as Nails Divine Frost (5)
12. SH Xtreme Wear Golden Child [shimmer plus glitter, so I suppose this could have gone on a glitter wheel instead]
13. OPI 18K Ginza Gold
14. WnW Craze The Gold & the Beautiful
15. SH New Lengths Snake Skinny Frost
16. Essence Return to Paradise Fruit Punch
17. Piggy Polish Damsel in this Dress (2)
18. Savvy Orange You Happy (2)
19. WnW Craze Cabana
20. WnW FastDry

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:

Detail pics, because not all shimmers are alike. This wheel has everything from barely a shimmer at all to old school-style frosts to glass flecks.

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel


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  1. Thanks for this post! I've really feeling orange this summer, but only have one orange polish to date, so it's good to see what is out there!

  2. i have a good complement for yoour weel Sinfull Color in the Color ALL ABOUT YOU 921 is more a like Golden and red glitter polish very nice.

  3. I really don't have enough of these colours, and they are really pretty. I think I own 1 yellow and 2 oranges! xxx

  4. wow, some collection ;-)
    i love #1 and "2, they look awesome :-D

  5. I started to make my wheels, too. I hope you don't mind if I link your blog when I'll post them. If you do mind please let me know and I will usemy wheels for personal purpose only :)

  6. Varnish Vixen, there do seem to be a lot of oranges in the summer collections.

    MariaAndrea, I'm not sure I have that one, though I haven't swatched all my Sinful glitters yet.

    Gemx, I was surprised I had so many since I tend to not like yellows and oranges on me.

    Nail crazy, thanks; those two are eye catching for sure!

    Olivia, thanks!

    theallamenta, of course it's fine to link! I appreciate you thinking to do so. :)


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