Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wheel W1: Light Blue Shimmers

This week's Nail Wheel Wednesday got delayed because I got distracted by many things, including putting together new Helmers, which I do not intend to use for long term polish storage but rather as a more attractive and accessible temporary home for the bottles I'm weeding out than the cardboard boxes they've been in. When I've got my stash back to a more reasonable (to me) size, I'm sure I'll find something else to do with the excess Helmers.

I skipped ahead in the order of wheels because looking at these blues was a nice stress reliever, and I needed that.

Nail wheel

(all 3 coats unless otherwise noted)

1. SH New Lengths Sweet Deal Frost
2. Natural Glow Aquamarine Pearl
3. SH Hard as Nails Forget Me Not
4. OPI Cool in the Pool
5. MB Colorama Glass Slipper
6. Essie St. Barth's Blue
7. Essence Go Snow Alpine Snow
8. Sephora by OPI Lagoon-a-Beach
9. SH Complete Salon Manicure Dive Deeper
10. Piggy Polish You're Blue-tiful
11. Hard Candy Sky
12. Chanel Riva (4 coats)
13. Orly Aquamarine Bliss
14. Orly Windchime
15. OPI Dominant Jeans (4) [would have been 3 if I hadn't bumped the wet polish with my hand]
16. MB Express Finish Blue Chill
17. L'Oreal High Tide
18. Essie Sag Harbor
19. China Glaze Sea Spray
20. L'Oreal LaquiResist 922 (4) [I'm pretty sure; my notes are unclear on this one]

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel


  1. Oooh, insta-lemming for that last one.

  2. You're right, this is quite soothing. I like #13.

  3. Wow, this is a gorgeous nail color wheel!! I guess I need to pull out my Hard Candy Sky & use it already.

  4. looking at this wheel is really relaxing! How come my fav one (without looking brand name) was #12? IRL I never thought about it as a "lemming"...

  5. ah so serene and lovely. they're all gorgeous!

  6. agree, so soothing, lovely shades :-D

  7. They are all gorgeous blue colours. My favourite is number 18 Essie Sag Harbor

  8. I really like all of these colors . They're so cute :D

  9. Those colors are gorgeous!!! :) So, how many polishes do you own? Do you keep count? Love your collection!


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