Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Recent NOTD: OPI It's Totally Fort Worth It

My employer's user conference was a perfect time for me to try OPI It's Totally Fort Worth It because the light grey coordinated perfectly with the company logo shirt I had to wear. I thought the pink shimmer I could see in the bottle would reassure people who are not overly comfortable with "odd" nail polish colors, a feature my choice for this event last year, OPI Sheer Your Toys, did not have.

As it turned out, the pink shimmer mostly hid on me, so 98% of the time it just looked grey. Slightly brushstrokey grey at that. This is three coats plus top and base.

In very bright light, I could see flashes of pink. Most of the time, I am not in very bright light, so this was disappointing.

I found this very underwhelming. So much so that I didn't even wait for my regular polish change day but added glitter as soon as I was done at the conference. I used Pop Beauty Twinkle, which I ordered from beauty.com after seeing it on Jenni's blog. One coat of it plus topcoat over the blah grey perked things up nicely.

In indirect light, Twinkle shows mostly silver and rose, but get even a little direct light on it and there are rainbow sparkles everywhere.

Pretty as Twinkle was, I could not leave it alone, and added some accent nails of China Glaze Broken Hearted (and more top coat).

Ah, that's much better.


  1. I love the Pop glitter! The China Glaze crackle is so cute too!!

  2. I love the accent . & the glitters really made that pale shade pop .

  3. Omg, this is so pretty! Twinkle makes it look so good *-*
    And the crackle definately made the design 8]

  4. Hey Karen:

    I just wanted to thank you for the tip on Mango Mend last week. I went and got some - LOVE! thanks!

  5. Love the look with the Pop glitter!

  6. I love the pop beauty nail polish. I never heard about that brand before but it seems that I like it:)

  7. That Pop Beauty is pretty! I love the final outcome!


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