Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sonia Kashuk Comparisons

It's been a couple/few weeks since I swatched the three Sonia Kashuk polishes I picked up at Target. I didn't have time to do comparisons then, but I have since, including some that Jamie K. suggested.

First up, Fatigued, which turned out to be a cooler-toned green than I first thought looking at the bottle. Any time I come across a dusty green like that, I think of Rescue Beauty Lounge Diddy Mow, but since we've previously established that Essie Sew Psyched is a dupe for Diddy Mow, I compared Sew Psyched and Fatigued.

Top to bottom: Sew Psyched, Fatigued, Sew Psyched (with Fatigued bottle).

Top to bottom: Sew Psyched, Fatigued.

Fatigued is a touch lighter and just a bit less yellow than Sew Psyched, but the differences are so slight that I think Fatigued is a good substitute for the Essie (and the RBL), and it's a little cheaper, too. Like Sew Psyched, Fatigued took only two coats and has a subtle shimmer.

I thought for sure I'd find a dupe in my stash for Violetta since I have more purples than anything else. Based on comparing my nail wheels to the bottle, the two most likely candidates were OPI Parlez Vous OPI and Rescue Beauty Lounge Purple Haze.

Top to bottom: Parlez Vous OPI, Violetta, Purple Haze.

On the nail (all are two coats), neither were a match for Violetta; Parlez Vous is redder, and Purple Haze is brighter. Whew. That's not to say I don't have a dupe lurking in my unswatched purples, but right now Violetta looks like a keeper.

I ended up doing two sets of comparisons for Tauped. First I put it up against a pair of classics from OPI, You Don't Know Jacques and Over the Taupe.

Left to right: You Don't Know Jacques, Tauped, Over the Taupe.

Top to bottom: You Don't Know Jacques, Tauped, Over the Taupe.

Tauped is a lot lighter as well as a touch cooler-toned than You Don't Know Jacques. It's much cooler-toned than OVer the Taupe.

I then took off the OPIs and brought in another couple of well-known taupes: Sephora by OPI Metro Chic and Chanel Particulière.

Top to bottom: Metro Chic, Tauped, Particulière.

Tauped is the closest to Metro Chic of any of the ones I tried it next to; Metro Chic has just a touch more grey in it. Particulière is way warmer-toned than Tauped.


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  1. these polishes are all lovely, i love your swatches they are always so pretty

  2. they're so lovely :)
    how do you treat your cuticles? they look great!

  3. thanks for this comparisons, love the first one... i must have either sonia kashuk or essie ;-)

  4. i like them allll! i'm just not gonna think about it :)

  5. Wonderful comps!!!
    I really am surprised how close those greens are!!!

  6. I'm wearing tauped right now and love it!

  7. They are all very similar in colour my favourites are the greens.

  8. Thanks, ladies.

    theallamenta, I'm planning a nail care post so look for details there, but basically I try to moisturize often, three or four times a day at least.

  9. Love these comparisons because now I don't feel so sad about not having access to Sonia Kashuk polishes ;)

  10. just linked to this post on my blog. hope you don't mind! If you do just let me know and I'll take it down. x

  11. Lesley (and anyone else who's wondering the same thing), it's always fine to link to my blog; I appreciate you thinking of me and pointing people in my direction. :)


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