Friday, May 27, 2011

New Finger Paints Colors and Comparisons

A couple of weeks ago I shared the new Finger Paints displays; today I've got swatches and comparisons of some of those colors.

Hue Are You is a taupe creme (the name has a question mark at the end but I don't play that). It's nicely pigmented—two coats were plenty—and pretty shiny even without topcoat (as usual, all of today's swatches are without topcoat).

This one reminded me of OPI You Don't Know Jacques. When I got them side by side, though, I could see that Hue Are You is definitely warmer than the OPI.

Top to bottom: Hue Are You, You Don't Know Jacques, Hue Are You, You Don't Know Jacques.

I criticize shade names all the time, but I think Tiffany Imposter is a perfect choice for the turquoise blue creme added to the Finger Paints lineup. It leaves no question about what color they're going for and admits it's not the real thing. This was also a two-coater for me.

Of course I had to compare Tiffany Imposter to perhaps the best known attempt to replicate Tiffany Blue in nail polish, China Glaze for Audrey. I had a really hard time telling the the two of them apart. I'd give a slight edge to the China Glaze based on the formula, which went on a bit more smoothly, but the Finger Paints didn't give me any trouble, really.

Top to bottom: Tiffany Imposter, For Audrey, Tiffany Imposter, For Audrey.

The light tan creme Don't Make a Scene is up next. I used three coats of this one, but probably could have done two if I'd been more careful with my application (I just assumed it was going to take three since it was such a light color).

I usually shy away from warm-toned tans like Don't Make a Scene, so the closest thing I could think of to compare it to was Essie Sand Tropez, but they aren't close at all. Next to Sand Tropez, Don't Make a Scene looks almost yellow.

Top to bottom: Don't Make a Scene, Sand Tropez, Don't Make a Scene, Sand Tropez.

The green creme is called Go Van Gogh (which might also be a good title for an action adventure cartoon featuring famous artists).

Because I like greens a lot, I had two comparison candidates at the ready: OPI Jade is the New Black and Sinful Envy (I am quite done with green polishes having the word envy in their names). Go Van Gogh turned out to be a touch darker and dustier than the other two, though in low light it's hard to tell a difference. Actually, Envy looks like a pretty good substitute for Jade is the New Black in all lights. These took two coats each.

Top to bottom: Jade is the New Black, Go Van Gogh, Envy.

All You Need is Color is from the summer display rather than the new colors one, but a bottle comparison indicated it's the same as Art You Wondering (amazingly, I managed to resist buying both just to make sure). When I bought it, I thought it was a turquoise glitter, but it's actually a mix of blue and green which gives it a nice depth. Also, for a glitter, it's not too bumpy, even without top coat.

When I saw the blue and green mix, I thought of Butter London Henley Regatta. When I got them on my nails together, I was surprised at how close they were; looks like Finger Paints has come up with a better substitue than anything I found when I did my Henley Regatta comp back in February. They're not exact dupes; the Butter London leans more toward blue and the Finger Paints more toward green, but it's not a big enough difference to be obvious unless you're really studying and looking for one. If I didn't already have the Butter London, I'd go for the Finger Paints. All You Need is Color took only three coats to match the opacity of four coats of Henley Regatta, and it's about one-third the price.

Left to right: Henley Regatta, All You Need is Color, Henley Regatta, All You Need is Color.

Top to bottom: Henley Regatta, All You Need is Color.

All in all, the Finger Paints aren't breaking any new ground with these new colors, but they are providing some reasonably priced alternatives to more expensive polishes.


  1. All these colors are surprisingly very very similar . Especially the blues . Either way they are all beautiful .

  2. Thanks for this great post! Those are some really beautiful colors. I especially like the tannish yellow Fingerpaints one.

  3. I am so glad I discovered the Henley dupe!! I returned my bottle of of Butter before it was too late!!

  4. thanks for the swatches!

  5. Oh! And thanks again for the giveaway! I got my prize in the mail yesterday and was SO excited! The polishes are very pretty!

  6. I might have to get Tiffany Imposter. Though I'm really not sure if it's much less than the China Glaze..

  7. You always have such great comparisons! And loving the glitters from these :)

  8. Amazing comparisons as always =) They'r all very pretty.

  9. Great comparisons, I love the name Tiffany Imposter, it's perfect :) x

  10. All the colours are very pretty.For Audrey and Tiffany Imposter look the same to me:)

  11. Hue are You definately looks greenish to me. Is it maybe comparable to Essie Sew Psyched?

  12. thanks so much for the swatches and comparisons i love knowing which colors are dupes!


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