Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Barielle Sweet Treats Collection with Dotticures

Since Ulta stopped carrying Barielle, I don't have a local source anymore, so I was happy when Barielle sent their spring collection for review. It's called Sweet Treats and has five colors: Orange Parfait, Lilac Jelly Bean, Banana Drop, Green Apple Chew, and Blue Cotton Candy.

These are definitely not all candy colors. Some do remind me of sweets, but some are more savory, and one is not especially appetizing at all.

Orange Parfait looks more like salmon to me than a citrus dessert. I'd call it a muted coral, more to the orange side of coral than the pink side. The swatch is two coats, no topcoat.

Blue Cotton Candy looks like no cotton candy I've ever eaten. Rather than the pastel one might expect of something with that name, this is a dusty green-leaning blue shimmer. It reminds me of Butter London Victoriana, though sadly I did not have a chance to do a comparison. I used only one coat of Blue Cotton Candy for this swatch. One.

Lilac Jelly Bean is a greyed pastel purple. Grey is not a color I look for in candy, but I'm quite fond of it in nail polish, so I like this one. It was two coats, which I thought was quite good for a lighter color like this.

Before I took off Lilac Jelly Bean, I added dots of Orange Parfait and Blue Cotton Candy and smoothed over them with topcoat. I think these three work well together because they all have a touch of dusty-ness to them.

The next color, Green Apple Chew, is as far from dusty as you can get without getting into neon territory. It's a bright bright lime green, and this is two coats without topcoat—look how shiny it is on its own.

The last color, Banana Drop, is not quite as bright, but it's no quiet pastel either. I used three coats, though I might have been able to get away with two. It's no secret that I don't have a great relationship with yellow, but this one I liked.

Just for fun, I added dots on dots to Banana Drop. I first did big dots of Green Apple Chew, then put smaller dots of Blue Cotton Candy on top of those dots and sealed the whole thing with a layer of topcoat. I get an "alien eyeballs" vibe from this; maybe I'll recreate it for Halloween.

Overall, I like this collection, though I'm pretty sure I wouldn't wear these five colors together as Skittles. The formulas were good on all of them; I didn't have any application issues. These are available in 5-pack on the Barielle website for $25. The colors are also sold individally for $8, and there's a BOGO50% sale going on that brings it down to $6 a bottle when you buy two.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. I love the green and the yellow! The colours look so nice and rich.

  2. Looks like a great collection. Blue Cotton Candy looks very similar with OPI - I have a Herring Problem. But 1 Coaters are winners! I have to agree, that's a really unique blue cotton candy, have not seen one like that before! ;) hahaha! Anyway, my favourites are Blue Cotton Candy and Lilac Jelly Bean!

  3. Alien eyeballs! Love it. Great swatches. I love Blue Cotton a lot. It's on my toes right now.

  4. hehehe Green Apple Chew is definitely my favorite. :) Awesome dotticures.

  5. Hey Karen. Very pretty colours you have here. :) I'm loving the Green Apple Chew colour. It's very interesting and I don't have something similar to that in my collection. I will look out for it some day :)

  6. Banana Drop!!!!!
    You have my address, just send it over OK ;) Did you now I started a care home for Pastel yellows (mints, paste blue and lilac are welcome too) ;)

  7. Blue Cotton Candy is beautiful! :-)

  8. Blue Cotton Candy is gorgeous! And it reminds me of BL Victoriana, too!

  9. These are really gorgeous :D

  10. Lovin' that double dot mani!

  11. blue cotton candy, green apple chew, lilac jelly bean.. what a heck, love them all :D
    love your dotticures :D


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