Friday, June 14, 2013

Goodies from Mont Bleu

Design Glassware by Mont Bleu has been very kind in sending me products to review in the past, and today I've got more good stuff from them to share.

Since this is a nail blog, I'll start with the mini glass nail file. This particular one has Swarovski Elements (I just call them "crystals" but I'm not an expert on these things) in turquoise blue, clear, and smoke.

I don't see this exact file on their site right now, but there are so many options in the mini nail file section I might have missed it. There are decorated ones similar to this for 8 Euro and plain ones in a variety of colors for 4 Euro. The decorated ones (I'm not sure about the plain) come with a case to protect the working end of the file. The stones are still exposed when the file is in the case so it's easy to spot/feel when grabbing out of one's purse. When I first started carrying one around, I was worried about the stones coming off, but the mini file I've got in my purse right now is perfectly intact after over a year of me pulling it out and putting it back in and even losing it at the bottom of my bag for a while.

The next sparkly item I have to share is a business card holder. This is brushed metal decorated with jet black crystals on the outside and lined with black short nap velvet-like fabric. It's the perfect place for me to store the indie polish brand cards I've been gathering as I try new lines. This one retails for 19 Euro (other crystal colors are available in the same style); the undecorated version is 10 Euro.

Because I was just eagerly pulling out items from the box and not reading labels on the individual packages, I wasn't sure at first what this next item was. It was pretty, I did know that: a silvery disc decorated with crystals from clear to pink to fuchsia.

The outer ring could be unwrapped (and then rewrapped with a satisfying magnetic "snick").

Then I figured it out—the outer ring could not just be unwrapped but rotated to make a hook, a purse holder (a.k.a. bag hanger) to hang one's purse off a table instead of putting it on the floor or on the back of a chair. I wondered if it would be sturdy enough for my purse, into which I cram as much as will fit, and am happy say it did just fine. The back of the disc has a black rubbery insert that keeps it from slipping; I used it on a highly varnished and slippery restaurant table the other day and it stayed right where I put it. This sells for 16.90 Euro.

The last item is a bit of a departure from what I'm used to seeing from Mont Bleu, as it's made with pearl-type beads instead of crystals. It's the Shamballa Bracelet. The one I got has peachy pink pearly beads, though many other colors (and ones with faceted beads) are available; prices ranged from 17 Euro (plain beads) to 27 Euro (crystal beads) for the ones I looked at on the website.

I do wear bracelets sometimes, but hadn't encountered one with this fastening mechanism. Basically, you make it big enough to fit around your hand by sliding the section between the "tails" to one side, then slide it back once it's on your wrist. The black cord is a bit fuzzy, so the sliding takes a bit of tugging sometimes. The full size beads at the end of the tails help with sliding it back, but can get distracting while wearing the bracelet. I found myself a bit distracted by the clacking of the tail beads on the other ones sometimes. If you don't wave your hands around while talking the way I tend to do, you might not even have that clacking happen.

Every time I look at the Mont Bleu website, they seem to have new products. I just ordered a few things myself that may show up in a future entry. You can use code BLOG20 in the Voucher field when you check out to get 20% off, plus right now they're offering free air mail shipping (even international) for purchases over 38 Euro, so you can be sure I added enough to my order to qualify. I love a deal.

The products shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider, and I get to keep the products for my own use.


  1. Glass nail files are my favourite . Very nice goodies ;)

  2. The purse holder thingy is really cool. I always stick mine on the floor right between my feet so nobody can take off with it. lol

  3. I haven't tried their files but they are just the prettiest things ever.

  4. Theres a 3 dog night song from way back when called Shambala-one of my fave songs of theirs-random I know but when you talked about this bracelet thats' what came to mind! Love that purse hanger thing. Gots to get me one of those!

  5. I completely understand the "clacking" sound. Bracelets and hand-talkers don't always equate to "quiet". Haha.

    Love the nail file and the purse holder!!

  6. That purse holder is so genious - I love what you showed here...

  7. Nice items. I really like the card holder and purse holder. Really cute!

  8. I bought some mini nail files (2 for me and 2 as a gift for my friends) and I'm really happy with the result, I use only them :-) They do their job perfectly and they look beautiful! :-)
    I like also the bag hanger, it looks very interesting! :-)


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