Friday, June 21, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Skittle Swatches and Comparisons

Seeing the second group of Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes show up at Walgreens (as shown in my recent display post) reminded me that I hadn't yet shared any swatches of the colors in the first group. Those didn't arrive in time to make it into the Texture Week I did at the end of April/beginning of May and it's just taken me a while to get back into a bumpy mood.

There are eight colors in this group, all textured cremes. Top row, left to right: Sugar Fix (white), Sweetie (light yellow), Sour Apple (mint green), Cotton Candies (cool toned pink). Bottom row: Bubble Plum (red violet), Cherry Drop (warm toned red), Razzleberry (blue), Lick-O-Rich (black).

Here's the top row on the nail in the form of Skittles swatches. Left to right: Sugar Fix (3 coats), Sweetie (3), Sour Apple (2), and Cotton Candies (2).

And here's the bottom row. Left to right: Bubble Plum (2 coats), Cherry Drop (3), Razzleberry (2), Lick-O-Rich (2).

The base in Razzleberry seemed less opaque than the others; I could see the white of the texture "rocks" showing through in spots. Here's a mid-cleanup shot showing the little rocks that were left after I took care of the blue with my brush:

Yet despite the rocks showing through, Razzleberry was the only one I had a hint of staining with; it wasn't horrible, just noticeable and took a tad more work to get off my skin.

Of course I had to do comparisons with some of the other textured cremes that have come out this summer even though I could see from the bottles there was not a big overlap in the shade ranges. No other line has a white or black bumpy creme, for instance (OPI's have glitter in them).

Left to right below: Sally Hansen Cotton Candies, Sally Hansen Bubble Plum, China Glaze Bump & Grind, Milani Spoiled in Fuchsia.

Just for fun, here's a shot of the above polishes early in the drying process, when the texture wasn't fully emerged:

At this point, my attention span was starting to run out, so I did the next set of comparisons in the form of sloppy gradients (which I didn't even let dry fully before I photographed them).

Leftmost: Sally Hansen Bubble Plum at the base, layered with Milani Spoiled in Fuchsia in the middle and Milani Purple Streak at the tip.

Next: Sally Hansen Cherry Drop, Milani Tainted in Red (hmm, looks kinda dupey), China Glaze Itty Bitty & Gritty.

Next: Sally Hansen Razzleberry, China Glaze Of Coarse, Sally Hansen Sour Apple.

Rightmost: Sally Hansen Lick-O-Rich, Milani Shady Gray, Sally Hansen Sugar Fix. (Someday I want to try this as a proper gradient, but starting with white at the base.)

I spied Color Club Pearl-spective which I'd yet to put away so quickly slapped that over the purpley nail to see how that would look. Pretty good, though for a full mani it wouldn't really make sense to use the textured polish then smooth it out with a microflakie topper.

Milani Tainted in Red and Sally Hansen Cherry Drop were so close in the gradient that I had to see them side by side. Left is the Milani, right is the Sally Hansen. They're both orange-y reds and are nearly indistinguishable; the Sally Hansen is possibly just a touch brighter, or that could just be how the light happened to be hitting it. In any case, I can't think of a compelling reason to have both of these unless you're a completist and want all the Milani textures and all the Sally Hansen ones.

Finally, before I packed these textures away for now, I wanted to expand on the pink to purple gradient and see what kind of ombre line up I could come up with in that color family. I didn't settle on a good thumb color, but was pretty pleased with this quartet for my other fingers—China Glaze Unrefined, Sally Hansen Bubble Plum, Milani Spoiled in Fuchsia, and Milani Purple Streak.

I'm still not completely sure I like texture on my nails but must admit it is interesting to look at. A few weeks back I did a quick mani with Zoya Stevie and wore it for a weekend just to build up my tolerance for having bumpy nails. At this rate, I should be perfectly comfortable with it about the time the trend is over. I admit I am intrigued by some of the swatches I've been seing of European brands who've jumped on the texture bandwagon. I've been so busy I haven't been doing hardly any swapping lately, but I might have to try and find a swap for some of the Isadora Sugar Crush and/or Barry M Textured and/or Kiko Sugar Mat ones—I'd love to see how they compare to the U.S. brands' take on the texture trend.


  1. I picked up several of these pretty polishes already and think I want a couple more based on your swatches. I am thinking these will be great for nail art and adding a 3 D effect. I didn't think I would like texture on my nails but then I tried 1 polish and it didn't drive me crazy and I didn't sit and pick at it like I thought I would. I did tend to rub it because I liked the texture and it is intriguing. I'm late to the party, but finally figured out what all the hubbub is about.

  2. OMG. These pastel skittles, they're brilliant *_*

  3. I like the first group of swatches the most!

  4. I can't get excited about texture without some shine. Which is just as well, I don't need another thing to buy! (BTW, your polishes are in the mail.)

  5. The pink is pretty. I don't think I'll ever get used to textured nails.

  6. I *love* the white! You are right, no other line has it. The closest shade I have is Fiji from Dance Legend, which I yet have to show.
    The two Barry M's I have are are close in texture - the yellow has a little shimmer that does not appear on my nails, and the pink is more pastel than Bubble Plum. And you would love the Kikos!

  7. I like the pastels. I think I like he textures with some glitter.

  8. I don't have any of these. Your swatches are lovely :)

  9. Wow! Those must have been the sugary finish nail polishes with the fiercest finish! :D I'm really fond of the white one, it looks fluffy :P So, Sugar Fix and Cotton Candies won my heart! Oh, honey, you can always swap with me for the Kiko Sugar Mats :) I'll e-mail you soon regarding the subject ;)

  10. yeah i still don't love this look without the glitter. i have sour apple and got the black one though. the black i am hoping will look like pebbled leather or something cooler than stucco. haha.

  11. what an awesome colors, especially the first set <3

  12. Nice bright colours, but yeah... not keen on the texture. I just can't fully embrace it. I like the nail art I've seen using the textured polishes, but I just can't get comfortable with it myself.

  13. Great swatches :) I'm a bit iffy on the texture myself...trying to get used to it, but not sure if I can lol

  14. Cotton Candies and Razzleberry are my favourite :).
    You should try Golden Rose textured nail polishes, they're really awesome! <3

  15. Love your posts as always, but I'm having a hard time liking these, and those fuzzy coat polishes.... I commend you on sharing your take on them!


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