Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mid-June Displays

Yep, it's that time again, where you grab a beverage and settle in while I blast display photos at you. Actually, it's not as crazy as it sometimes gets, as there hasn't been quite as much new stuff showing up the past few weeks, so I should be able to keep this under two dozen photos.

Let's start with the latest Essie collection, the non-neon Summer 2013 grouping called Naughty Nautical. I first saw these polishes in a Nail HQ at one of the CVS stores I frequent but almost missed them because the collection signs were missing and the polishes were mixed in with other recent Essie collections. In the photo below, five of the Naughty Nautical colors are in the second section from the top and the sixth color is in the third section below that.

At a different CVS Nail HQ, I saw Naughty Nautical (well, five colors of it) in a cardboard display stuck to the side of a mostly empty Essie section (which did have a collection sign for the neon Summer 2013 even if it didn't have the polishes).

At Rite Aid, I finally saw the whole collection neatly organized in its own display (which also had top coat, base coat, and a treatment). Left to right: Sunday Funday, The Girls Are Out, Full Steam Ahead, Rock the Boat, Naughty Nautical, and The More the Merrier.

Some Rite Aids have a four-color display for this collection; that version is missing The More the Merrier and Full Steam Ahead.

At Ulta, they have the salon bottles (no white brand stickers on the sides, names on the bottom of the bottle rather than the top of the cap). I'm not sure if they didn't get a full allotment of Sunday Funday to start or it's just that popular; I felt lucky I spotted this while it still had all six colors in the display.

At Walgreens, I saw the collection on an endcap, with six designs of Sleek Sticks strips there as well. (I had to shoot this one at an odd angle to avoid getting too much of my head reflected in the mirrored strip at the top—as it is you can see my forehead and hairline).

Four of those Sleek Sticks designs are the same ones that I spotted in a standalone display at Meijer and shared in last month's display post: Sea Me Shine, Shoot for the Moon, Croc Madame, and Small Pleasures. The two on the far right I hadn't seen before: Stick With Style (textured peach) and Show Me Your Stuff (blue on blue brocade).

The latest display I've seen from Maybelline is Stick-On Mirrors, which has limited edition designs of the Color Show Fashion Prints Nail Stickers. It's shown up at both Walgreens and Rite Aid around here. There are eight designs: Golden Distress, Aztec Gold, On the Prowl, Urban Jungle, Silver Sparks, Frayed Foils, Platinum NYC, Platinum Standard. Most of these do have a foil look to them, similar to Minx; Silver Sparks looks more like the Essie textured strips.

On a high shelf at CVS, I saw a display from NYC New York Color that I can only assume got lost in the back of the store for some months, as it refers to Shattering Spring Savings and features crackle polish. Crack? I don't know about you, but I've bought quite enough of it to last me until the next time the trend comes around and wasn't looking for any more right now. For the record, the polishes in this display are NYC Long Wearing in French White Tip and Black Lace Creme, which one could use as base colors under the NYC Crackling Effect Top Coats in Shock Me NYC (purple shimmer), Heat Wave (red creme), City Treasure (gold metallic), and Broadway Smash (blue creme).

CVS also had a seasonal display of Spoiled core colors. This was called Yacht Party and had these shades (left to right): Correction Tape, My Button Fell Off, Uh As If, Toad-ally Amazing, Jail Bait, and Your Fly's Down.

Sinful Colors continues to confuse me by releasing similar displays with different names at different retail chains. In my end of April display post, I shared the Sure Bet display, which was some core colors and some re-releases and featured a photo of a be-hatted woman looking through binoculars with race horses in the background. A couple/few weeks ago, I came across a display at Rite Aid called Out of the Gate, with a different woman wearing a different hat holding different binoculars with different race horses in the background but the same Sinful Colors shades in the display. Left to right: Let's Meet, Big Daddy, Why Not, Lavender, Exotic Green, Let's Talk, Gogo Girl, Beverly Hills.

Sinful Colors Sail La Vie showed up at Walgreens. This has three old colors and five new colors: My Buoyfriend (new), Anchors Away (new), Into the Blue (new), Snow Me White, Sail La Vie (new), Cross My Heart, Out of This World, and New Wave (new).

At Rite Aid, these same colors appeared in a display called Ahoy There.

So far, the only place I've seen the next Sinful assortment is at Walgreens. This one is called Pool Side Polish. It's got five old colors and three new ones (I wish they would have put out all eight new ones in a single display instead of splitting them between Sail La Vie/Ahoy There and Pool Side Polish): 24/7, Rise & Shine, Tokyo Pearl, Sunburnt (new), Endless Blue, Why Not, Bikini Lines (new), and Tidal Wave (new).

Walgreens also had some limited edition polishes from Rimmel, in a display called Bling on the Cocktails. This has five shades in a Cocktail Colour line I've never seen before. The display says they're "Exclusively at Walgreens" but a quick Google shows they're also at Superdrug and Boots, so they're not a world-wide exclusive. Five shades here: Cutie Colada (lime), Hawaiian Punch (hot pink), Baby Bellini (purple), Shirley Temple (orange), and Apple Berry Smoothie (blue).

In a different Walgreens, I saw the Cocktail Colour polishes in a corner display along with some other makeup.

Walgreens is also the only place I've seen the Made for Me Pinks display from L'Oreal. These are not labeled limited edition or exclusive; I think these six pinks might be new core colors, since some shades were discontinued and clearance from the core display earlier this year. Polish names are: Sugary Sweet, Taste of Romance, Rosy Macaron, Berry Jealous, Hella Pink, and Pink Attitude. There are three Colour Riche Nail Lingerie strip designs here, too. They're labeled "new" but the name match the ones that were released with the Versailles Romance collection this past spring: Tart My Heart, Ladies in Waiting, and Chateau You Go. (You can see the Versailles display in my mid-March display post.)

Continuing in the only at Walgreens at least so far category, just this morning I stopped in and saw two new things that weren't there the last time, starting with a corner display of Fergie from Wet 'n' Wild. This is labeled "Walgreens Exclusive" but whether that's forever or just for now, I'm not sure. We've seen other Wags exclusives from Wet 'n' Wild show up at other places later, so these might, too. The display is a mix of new colors and some core colors, but mostly new.

Top level: Caribbean Coral, Ferga-colada, Wedding Daze, Havasu Blue, Fergalicious (old), Glowstick (old).

Middle level: Cabo Cruise, Miami Spirit (old), Gold Album (old), Purple Polka-dot Bikini, Going Platinum (old), Tropical Sunset.

Bottom level: Ferguson Crest Syrah (old), You Know I Gotta Shine, Tasty Tasty, Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night (old), Summer Spritzer, Hollywood Walk of Fame (old), Glamorous (old), 4th of July Parade, Bronze Bombshell.

That same Walgreens also had a new endcap from Sally Hansen, with Sugar Coat, Diamond Strength, and Insta Dri. The whole thing is labeled limited edition but I'm not sure if that applies to all the lines or not (I know I have one of the Insta Dri colors already, so I'm not 100% sure they're all new, though the Sugar Coat and Diamond Strength do appear to be).

Sugar Coat colors: Royal Icing, Treat-Heart, Pink Sprinkle, Red Velvet, Spare-a-Mint, Candy Corn, Laughie Taffy, and Gummy Grape.

Diamond Strength Colors: Myst-ique Pink, Costume Jewelry, Hide n' Pink, Guess Blue, M-asked to Dance, Royal Invite, On Parade, and Private I.

Insta Dri colors: Pink Blink, Blue By, Peachy Breeze, Fuchsia Flare, and In a Splash.

That's all for now. Until next time, happy shopping!


  1. I love your montly displays, especially the Essie displays!

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  5. You're right, that wasn't too bad. :) There are a couple of those essies I want, though.... lol

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  7. The cocktail colours by Rimmel has been here in Denmark already and are gone by now too, so they've been around the world :)

  8. You are an enabler, did you know that ;)
    I LOOOOVE these posts!

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  18. wow, your stores have way better selection than the ones near me. *jealous*


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