Friday, June 7, 2013

Actual NOTD: A Rare Repeat

So hi, it's me again. I somehow forgot exactly how exhausting my employer's user conference is and how difficult it is to catch back up when I return, so there was no post yesterday and unfortunately won't be much of a post today as I'm still tired and trying to cram too much work into too little time. What I do have is a snap of the nails I wore at the conference and still have on now:

You may recognize this look; it's Sally Hansen Salon Effects Ring Toss, which I wore earlier this year. It's not often that I repeat the same manicure so soon, but these were such a hit at work when I wore them before, I thought they'd be great for this work event, especially since there's purple in our logo, which was on all four of the shirts I wore during the conference (two of those shirts were themselves purple). As happened the last time I wore these, I got lots of compliments and questions about them. A lot of people got a good look at them, as one of my duties at the conference was scanning attendee badges as they entered breakout sessions, and the app we were using this year was not the speediest, so I'd stand there holding the iPad up waiting for the scanner to come up and then waiting for it to capture the barcode image from their badge. I think it was nice to have eyecatching nails for people to look at while they waited. Maybe next year I'll add some accent nails into the mix. Or maybe next year we'll have a faster way to scan people in and my nails will be mostly for my own amusement as I sit in the back of the room waiting for it to be time to walk around with the microphone so people's questions can be heard in the breakout sessions.

On my way home from the conference, I found, thanks to the internet, a literally dusty nail supply place. They had a sign saying a license was required to buy but were agreeable to selling to me since I was paying cash and only looking at regular polish, not crazy acrylic chemical stuff. I didn't find any super rare polishes there but did pick up a few fun things, like a couple China Glaze In the Mood colors I hadn't seen before. I've been so busy since I got back that I haven't even had a chance to take my new pretties out of the bag and add them to my spreadsheet, much less try them out. Maybe this weekend. Speaking of which, now I need to get back to work and jam in some more stuff before the weekend is upon me. See you all next week!


  1. Oooh, awesome supply find. :D That's great they were willing to accommodate you.

  2. I Look forward to seeing the new pretties, when you are back on your feet again :)
    So on the conference they could just say: ahh you need to the lady over there - the one with the pretty nails ;)

  3. Beautiful! I'm still waiting on a good enough reason to wear my first SH strips. I'll probably wear them on my vacation. I'm looking forward to see your new pretties here :)

  4. Ooh can't wait to see the polishes you picked up!


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