Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat

At the same time as the first batch of Sally Hansen Sugar Coat textured polishes showed up in stores by me, the brand's Fuzzy Coat collection also appeared. This has eight different color combinations of matte bar glitter, and I went ahead and bought them all even though my relationship with bar glitter tends to be difficult.

Left to right below: Fuzzy Fantasy, Wool Lite, Peach Fuzz, All Yarned Up.

Last four: Fuzz-Sea, Wool Knot, Tight Knit, Tweedy.

The display said these had a "unique textured fabric effect", and the photos showed nails so piled with bar glitter that I got a little itchy just looking at them. Thus when it came time to swatch these, I chose to layer them over cremes because that's how I expect I will wear them—as a topping, not as the main dish.

I started slow, with one coat of the fuzzies over Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Malt. Left to right: Fuzzy Fantasy (pink and white), Peach Fuzz (pastel yellow and light orange), All Yarned Up (pastel yellow, light orange, and light blue), and Fuzzy Fantasy (white and lime).

I then ramped up to more coats. I'm not sure how many, though, as these need to be applied with a sort of "dab and spread" technique to get the bars to distribute across the nail and I lost track. Three? Four, maybe?

One thing about these that surprised me is they only look bumpy; they feel fairly smooth even without topcoat, probably because there's a high ratio of clear base to bar glitter.

Here's the second quartet, also over Sally Hansen Malt but with maybe one less dabbing coat than the previous set at their peak: Fuzz-Sea (yellow and turquoise), Wool Knot (white and sky blue), Tight Knit (white and royal blue), and Tweedy (white and black).

Because I still had the Revlon Haute Tropics colors close at hand, I played around using some of them as base colors for these Fuzzy Coat polishes. Mai Tai Ask seemed to go well with All Yarned Up and Peach Fuzz, so I used them all together (Peach Fuzz is the accent nail):

My pinky finger up there in particular shows the struggles I had to get those darn bars to scatter nicely.

I thought Hello Bali would make a nice base for Tweedy and Tight Knit. As it turned out, it wasn't so great, though Tight Knit did look better on the plummy purple than Tweedy did. In Tweedy's case, the black bars blended into the base color too much, leaving me with crazy white dashes on my nails.

In some sale Sephora had, I picked up Nails Inc. Brighton from the Feathers line and then sort of forgot about it until the Fuzzy Coats came along. Turns out Brighton and Fuzz-Sea are pretty much twins.

Here they are on alternating nails over a Revlon Lagoon Afternoon base. Not that it matters, but for the record it's Fuzz-Sea on my index and ring fingers and Brighton on the other two.

T at LacqLustre was much more on the ball with getting to these; last month she did a full hand swatches of all of these, plus a comparison to a different Nails Inc. Feathers color, plus a set of Skittles over different base colors; her post is here.

I'm not sorry I bought these because it's good try new things. That said, having now tried them, I don't see myself wearing them very much, at least not until my attitude toward bar glitter improves (which it quite possibly might; I wear and do all sorts of things now that previously I didn't think I'd like).


  1. Fuzz-Sea is on my list! It reminds of a bar glitter Floam. Thanks for these awesome swatches! Now just to wait until these polishes pop up at my local drug store1

  2. Fantastic! I will definitely be picking a few of these up!

  3. I really love your swatches of these over that nude! It reminds me of one of those Boucle Chanel suits a lot of older women wear, the effect is pretty cool! Lord knows I need new ways to wear these since I have few now, lol.

    Thank you for the mention! I've been following your blog for a long time and it feels like a celebrity knows my name, lol.

  4. Your swatches are perfect as usual. I can handle bar glitter in really small amounts when it's mixed in with something else. These are definitely not for me.

  5. Thanks for sharing these - they look fuzzy for sure, too fuzzy for me LOL

  6. I've been a bit curious about these. It seems like it would take a few coats for it to be really fuzzy hehe

  7. I like Fuzz-Sea the most :). Golden Rose also released collection with this kind of glitters called Impression. I think I should try a few of them :)

  8. I love the look of these but I never buy them when i see them. Why???? lol

  9. I don't know if i like these or not. I have one from Barry M but i'm still trying to figure out if I like them or not :)

  10. I did the green fuzzy nails by Sally Hanson. I also tried the nail caviar by Finger Paint and that was a mess as well., They looked like a hot mess. I have my own nail art album on my FB, since I love anything that is different. Huge rhinestones and beads and skull and crossbone stencils.

    The candy coated nails looked really nice on you. Very bumpy. I do like really shiny nails though. And glitter!


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