Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Recent NOTD: Sally Hansen Pink a Prize

Since my last entry, I flew to Texas for a long weekend at Mr. Karen's family reunion. I wish it had been a longer weekend, as it was so jam packed that I didn't even have any opportunity to shop for nail polish at all. Next time, HEB, next time. The strips I put on for the user conference last week are still on my nails now and holding up really well. Today I've got some photos of the strips I had on a couple manis ago: Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Pink a Prize, another design from this spring's limited edition collection. Pink a Prize is a pink, blue, and green paisley design on a pearly white background. It might be my imagination, but I feel like the strips with the pearly/shimmery backgrounds are thinner, which means they're a tiny bit harder to lay down smoothly than the non-shimmery ones and let any ridges in my nails show more.

As has become my habit, I wore these strips over a treatment base (OPI Nail Envy Sensitive & Peeling and Barielle Nail Rebuilding Protein are my current favorites). When I first started doing that, I worried that it would affect how well the adhesive on the strips would work, but it doesn't seem to. Below is a shot of what the strips looked like on day 6, with just some tipwear and growth gaps showing.

I like the Salon Effects so much that strips are my first thought now when it's time to do a manicure. I'm going to be sad when they're discontinued, which I hope won't be for a long time. Of course I do have enough stockpiled that I won't run out for a while after they're no longer for sale, so that will help me get through the transition.


  1. *gasp* You missed HEB?! Oh noes! Definitely next time. ;) I love this design! :D So cute.

  2. Ha, you came south at the same time I came north. (I did make a foray to Rite-Aid on Sunday but I never got to Meijer. Oh well.) Also, I did take Orchid pictures before I left Texas, as I think I told you, but I keep forgetting to do anything about getting the pictures where you can see them! I'll work on that. Internet is really spotty here in the wilds of Ohio but we're headed home tomorrow, anyway.

    (Translation for the rest of you: Karen and I are plotting an Orchid-for-JulieG swap. So eventually she should have some HEB products to show you even though she didn't get there.)

  3. That's a very pretty design!

  4. That's a very pretty design and your application is so good! I can't seem to master nail strips

  5. i've recently tried my very first nail wraps... and it was a disaster :P
    these looks great, love the design too :D

  6. I love how long these last. The design of these look great!


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