Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Revlon Haute Tropics Collection

Yep, I'm still catching up with my swatch backlog. Today I've got the Revlon Haute Tropics collection, which showed up in stores around here a couple months ago, but I did still see it at some places this past weekend, so I'm hoping these swatches aren't too late for you to find these polishes if anything catches your eye. There are eight colors here, with neutral, cool, and warm tones all represented.

Cabana Queen is a light grey shimmer. It's not a color I think of when the tropics come to mind but I guess that's where the "haute" comes in. I used three coats of this one, which left just a hint of visible nail line. (There's no topcoat on any of today's swatches.)

Secluded Beach is a pinky taupe with a very subtle shimmer. Think of it as a warm-toned version of Chanel Paradoxal and its many near dupes. This one was opaque in two coats.

Below is the best shot I could get of the shimmer, with a lamp shining directly on my nails; pretty subtle, eh?

Coast is Clear is the winner of the collection as far as I'm concerned. It's a seafoam blue green glass flecked shimmer. At three coats, it's gets within hailing distance of opaque.

Lagoon Afternoon is a deep turquoise blue creme with slight jelly tendencies. Not too jelly, as this swatch is only two coats and you can see that's more coverage than Coast is Clear at three coats.

Plunge Pool is an intense Royal Blue shimmer and another two-coater.

Hello Bali is a red violet jelly with slight creme tendencies, meaning I needed three coats to equal the opacity I got with two coats of Lagoon Afternoon. This is my second favorite in the collection; I have lots of colors like this, but can't think of any that are a crelly or nearly this shiny on their own.

Belize Please is a hot pink subtle shimmer. I used three coats of this one, though perhaps with more attentive application I could have stopped at two.

I had a hard time seeing the shimmer on my nail (and my camera did, too), but here's a shot of it in the bottle so you can see I'm not imagining it:

Mai Tai Ask is a bright orange creme. Like Belize Please, I used three coats but could probably have gotten away with two if I'd been paying closer attention.

I think there's a nice variety of colors and finishes here. The collection does lean toward cooler tones, which of course suits me fine.


  1. This is a lovely collection, haven't really seen it where I live but I like the look of hello bali and the coast is clear.

  2. My favs are Lagoon Afternoon and Coast is Clear (both of which I have). I just saw the display still up at Walgreens the other day! Thought it would be gone by now!

  3. Ooh, the only one that catches my eye is Coast is Clear. I haven't seen these in store yet. Maybe I'll be lucky and find it.

  4. OH yes, Coast is Clear is a winner - thanks for sharing these...

  5. I agree with you. Coast is Clear is definitely the winner! I love that colour, but add with it shimmer and it's heaven on earth. Plunge Pool is my second favourite. What a gorgeous royal blue!

  6. Wow, impressive swatches :) You have so much more patience than I do! Kudos!

  7. This collection is beautiful! I really like the subtle shimmers :D

  8. Wow shocking enough I realy like the purple crelly. lol.


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