Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Julie G Frosted Gum Drops Holiday Collection

Continuing Texture Week today with another group released for Holiday 2013, namely the second collection of Julie G Frosted Gum Drops. Even though these came out a couple months ago, I have seen them recently at a Rite Aid store, and they're still available on the Jesse's Girl Cosmetics site.

There are six shades in this collection: Sugar Plum Fairy, Sleigh Ride, Silver Bells, Gift of Gold, Ho Ho Ho, and Mistletoe.

The first collection of Frosted Gum Drops had some microglitter textured and some with larger hex glitter in the mix. All of the ones in this collection are microglitters, similar to the Zoya PixieDust polishes.

Like I did with the FingerPaints yesterday, I wore the gold and silver shades together. Gift of Gold is a deep yellow gold, almost antique looking. Silver Bells is straight forward silver.

Because there were already so many swatches of these around by the time I got to them, I just did Skittles of the remaining four colors. Ho Ho Ho is cherry red. Mistletoe is green. Sugar Plum Fairy is purple. Sleigh Ride is deep sky blue.

No surprise that Sugar Plum Fairy is the standout for me in this quartet. It's purple, so of course I'm predisposed to like it, and it's a shade of purple that I haven't seen in a textured microglitter before. The closest I have is Zoya Carter, and Sugar Plum Fairy is noticeably cooler toned than that one. If I were going to buy only one of this collection knowing what I know now, it'd be Sugar Plum Fairy.

If I were going to buy two, my second would be Mistletoe. It's similar to Zoya Chita, but Mistletoe is lighter and the slighter bigger glitters in it makes it feel more festive to me. That's Mistletoe on the left below, next to Chita on a nail wheel.

Ho Ho Ho and Sleigh Ride are fine colors, but too similar to Zoya Miranda and Zoya Liberty for me to be able to say you need both. For comparisons of those, see The Fancy Side (they also show Sugar Plum Fairy vs. Carter and some other comparisons).

All of these were two coats and that was ample for full coverage. At $3.99 each they are a great value for textured polishes.


  1. Ohhh more textured polishes!! I love them! We really need Rite Aid in Florida lol I keep wondering if this textured phase is going to fade out like the magnetics and crackle did but it seems to be hanging around pretty well.

  2. I actually really like the gold one. I like that these glitters look more like shards, the bigger makes a really neat texture!

  3. DANGIT!!! I had very nearly forgotten how badly I want these..... Thanks. lol

  4. I haven't gotten on the band wagon for the liquid sands yet. I do have some OPI ones when they first came out but I dont know.....I just dont know about them

  5. I can't get enough of liquid sands!! I've got a few OPI liquid sands now and would really like to get the Zoya Pixie Dust collections. I don't have any of OPI suede polishes, are they similar in anyway?

    1. Karen B, I think of OPI Suedes as the great grandmother of Liquid Sand--there's something of a family resemblance but they've got a lot of variation in their individual traits. The surface of the Suedes is only a tiny bit bumpy to the touch--to me, they look more textured than they feel. And of course they're shimmery rather than glittery like most of the Liquid Sands.

  6. I love these Julie G's; can't wait to see the offerings for the spring!

  7. Ooh I'm loving the look of Sleigh Ride!

  8. Hi dear Karen ! =)
    Gift of Gold is stunning!!!
    Have a wonderful day


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