Thursday, January 30, 2014

Matte Topcoat Comparisons, Part 7

It's been a couple months, so I am overdue for a matte topcoat post. Today I've got three I've picked up recently, along with a previous favorite for comparison's sake. There's Fresh Paint Matte Topcoat from Five Below (I wish I'd noticed the label on this bottle has some rubbed off bits), OPI Matte Top Coat (seen recently on my Top 20 for 2013 post), CK One Matte Top Coat from Ulta, and Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine Matte Top Coat from Walgreens (though I expect it will show up more places soon if it hasn't already).

Here they are on the nail over a black creme; same order as the bottles above:

And at a different angle:

Unlike happens sometimes with my matte comparisons, there are no satin or wax finishes here; they're all matte. The Fresh Paint is perhaps just the tiniest bit less matte than the others, but if I saw it all by itself I'd never have noticed anything other than matteness. The OPI is as usual flawless. The CK One is something of a disappointment. It's matte, yes, but I had trouble getting it to lay down evenly. Sure, it was my first time using this brand, so maybe some of that was operator error due to lack, but for $14 a bottle, I feel like I should not have to struggle. The Wet 'n' Wild is the big winner in this group: to my eye, it's indistinguishable from the OPI, my standard for a good matte, and it's only 99 cents a bottle. 99 cents, and it's pretty much a full size bottle at 12.7 ml, more than three times bigger than the Sally Girl ones I was so excited about when they were around last year. Just look at this wonderful finish:

Look for Part 8 before too long, as my friend Trish just sent me even more matte topcoats I hadn't yet found on my own.

For reference, here are links to this series so far:

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Moving on to non-nail topics, I know some of you also like talking clothes, so if that's you, I've got a post up on my journal site about trying to decide which Igigi garments to put in my short list for a review I'll be doing for them next month. Right now these are my top three, but I'm still pondering. If you want to ponder, too, go here.

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  1. thanks for the review! i hope canadian stores will have wet n' wild matte top coat already!

  2. I've been disappointed in the few matte top coats i've tried lately. I really need to get the OPI and now I want the WNW.

  3. Love this series. Wow, way to go Wet 'n Wild!

  4. OMG the W n W matte is amazing!!! I'll keep an eye out for this. Thanks for this post Karen!!

  5. hope the w'n w matte come to croatia, too ;)

  6. I picked up the WnW matte the other day and LOVE it! Seems a bit on the thin side, but definitely matte!

  7. thanks for the review! i actually never happened to try matte top coat yet! i should try someday, but im still enjoying glossy finish top coat.

  8. The WnW is pretty amazing for the price!! I'll definitely be buying a few bottles if I ever see it!

  9. I always love your matte topcoat comparisons. I'm surprised with the WnW one. It looks great!

  10. How does the WnW matte topcoat compare to NYC Matte Me Crazy?


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