Monday, January 13, 2014

FingerPaints Enchanted Winter Collection

Welcome to what I'd originally planned as the last Texture Week of 2013 but which has instead become the first Texture Week of 2014. (Depending on when this trend goes cold, this might also be the last Texture Week of 2014; we shall see.) To kick things off, I have the FingerPaints Enchanted Winter collection, which appeared in Sally Beauty stores for Holiday 2013 but was still available online as of earlier today. (They might also still be in stores, maybe even on clearance, but I don't know since the Sally closest to my new office didn't have much in the way of FingerPaints or clearance; they seemed to be doing some reorganizing when I visited for the first time last week.)

There are six shades here: Winter Chill, Sparkle in the Sky, Midas Touch, Snow Crystals, Enchanted Winter, and Spell Binding.

I used the two metallic tones together, the golden Midas Touch getting an accent nail of the silvery Snow Crystals. Midas Touch is a fine-grained textured microglitter, while Snow Crystals has larger hex glitter added to a textured microglitter base.

Topcoat did not make a huge difference in the appearance of these two:

When I do my great stash purge, neither of these is going to make the cut. Midas Touch is too yellow a gold to flatter my skintone; if I want gold texture, I'll turn to OPI Honey Ryder or Zoya Tomoko. Snow Crystals loses out to the very similar Orly Silver Pixel, as the Orly got here first and I like the bottle better.

Enchanted Winter, the namesake polish of the collection, is a coppery textured microglitter. Enchanted Winter is basically a dupe for Nicole by OPI Cinna-man of My Dreams (which itself was dupe for Kiko Sugar Mat Burgundy, and the Kiko wins this stash battle for me, for sentimental reasons as well as bottle shape).

I didn't bother to try Enchanted Winter with topcoat because I guessed it would look just like the Nicole, and I wanted to move on to the next polish. Guess my impatience got the better of me at that juncture.

Spell Binding is a deep berry red texture with colorful little pops of holo glitter that sparks mostly red, pink, blue, purple, and orange. when I saw it on my nails, it reminded me of both Nicole by OPI My Cherry Amour, though it's darker and redder than that, and Studio M Slamming Red, though it's less glittery than that (though not much more textured, as Slamming Red is a top coat hog).

I thought Spell Binding looked about 200 percent better with topcoat, especially in low light where the colorful glitter really popped:

Sparkle in the Sky is a deep dusty blue texture seasoned with microglitter in gold, green, and purple. It's very similar to OPI Alcatraz Rocks, though I thought I saw a bit more of a green undertone in the blue base of the FingerPaints compared to the OPI. Regardless, it's pretty.

Sparkle in the Sky is even prettier with topcoat.

The sparkles, look at them:

I saved my favorite for last. Winter Chill is a brown texture with blue, orange, and pink glitter scattered in the mix.

I liked Winter Chill quite a lot without topcoat; I liked it even a touch more with topcoat.

All of these colors took just two coats, and I felt that was plenty except maybe for Snow Crystals, which seemed like it had a less opaque base than the others.


  1. Oh I really like Winter Chill. I think that is the one I picked up. I like these more with top coat than without. I might have to grab Sparkle in the sky if I see it on clearance.

  2. Great swatches! Which top coat did you use in this post?

    1. Danielle, I used OPI Top Coat for these swatches. If I were wearing for a full mani, I'd add a quick dry like Diamond Dry or SH Insta Dri just because I'm impatient.

  3. Beautiful swatches and polishes! :)

  4. I love them with top coat, then they are really cool!

  5. These are quite lovely. I believe Sparkle in the Sky and Winter Chill are my favorites.

  6. This is definitely a solid try at texture polish! The silver and gold look like they are right up my alley!

  7. Great swatches! It's amazing how the top coat changes the look of the polishes :D

  8. These nail polishes become really nice with the top coat!

  9. oh, spell binding with topcoat looks really gorgeous *.*

  10. I totally missed this collection. Love the chocolate brown polish.

  11. Still not a fan of the textures! Remember when Flakies by this brand was all the rage? Ahhhh the good ole days

  12. I just picked up Enchanted Winter, Sparkle in the Sky, and Winter Chill on clearance at Sally's for something ridiculous, like $1.34 each. They're really pretty, I'm glad I found them. : )


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