Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wheel L6: Glitters from Pop, Cult Nails, Piggy Polish, and Accessorize

(all have one layer of topcoat over the glitter coats noted below; some could use more topcoat, or at least a thicker topcoat)

1. Pop Beauty Gold Glitz (4 coats)
2. Pop Beauty Aquatic Glitz (3)
3. Pop Beauty Lavender Glitz (4) [I wish this had the holo glitter like the first two]
4. Pop Beauty Violet Glitz (3)
5. Pop Beauty Twinkle (2)
6. Pop Beauty Pink Glitz (2) [not that pink; I had to double check that I hadn't mixed up the names of 5 and 6]
7. Pop Beauty Xmas (1) [with a name like Xmas, I'd expect some green in here, but at least they didn't do the obvious and call it Ruby Slippers]
8. Cult Nails Captivated (2)
9. Cult Nails Living Water (2)
10. Cult Nails Hypnotize Me (2)
11. Cult Nails Always Winning (2) [shimmer and glitter don't usually work together as well as they do here]
12. Piggy Polish Teal It Like It Is (2)
13. Piggy Polish Among the Stars (3)
14. Piggy Polish Confetti (2)
15. Piggy Polish Beach Break (2)
16. Piggy Polish Just Called to Sleigh Hello (3)
17. Accessorize 33 Crystal Shimmer (2)
18. Accessorize unknown mini (2)
19. Accessorize unknown mini (2) [in the bottle, it seemed more like a microglitter; out of it, it seems like it belongs on a shimmer wheel]
20. Accessorize unknown mini (2) [I'd buy a full size of this one]

Bottles 1 through 4:

5 through 7:

8 through 11:

12 through 16:

17 through 20:


  1. what a beautiful range of colors! esp theiy are shimmers ones. the inly thing i mind abt them is how pain it is to remove them!!

  2. OOOOooooohhhh!!!! @_@ Sparkly pretties!

  3. The Pop Beauty glitters are gorgeous!

  4. I just love glitter!!! I like all of these.

  5. Loving those Pop Beauty glitters!

  6. Many of these would be great as effects on parts of the nails too - great post!

  7. Hi dear Karen, I'm impressed by the pink 8. Cult Nails Captivated (2)
    The base colour is stunning and the glitters *__*
    Have a wonderful day,

  8. Awesome glitters! <3


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