Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wheels T6 and U6: Sally Hansen Layering Polishes

Nail Wheel Wednesday is back, today with two wheels, both full of Sally Hansen layering polishes from lines that are no longer around, so I guess we can call these "vintage". Because they're sheer, I swatched them both on their own and over black.

The first wheel features Star Opal Nail Glaze colors, which haven't been in regular full price stores in years but were showing up in dollar stores as recently as a few years ago (and I just checked and found some colors on Amazon for mostly reasonable prices). It also has two New Lengths with Teflon, which if my memory serves, I got from my Canadian friend mrsrexy (definitely from someone in Canada, as they have both English and French on the labels).

(all two coats, except for 9 & 10, which are three)

1. Sally Hansen Star Opal Pure White Opal
2. Sally Hansen Star Opal Crystal Opal
3. Sally Hansen Star Opal Fire Opal
4. Sally Hansen Star Opal Rose Gold Opal
5. Sally Hansen Star Opal Pale Pink Opal
6. Sally Hansen Star Opal Red Opal
7. Sally Hansen Star Opal Violet Opal
8. Sally Hansen Star Opal Pale Lilac Opal
9. Sally Hansen New Lengths Rose Opal
10. Sally Hansen New Lengths Rose Opal [same name as 9, but deeper color when worn alone; not sure if batch difference or what, as they look the same over black]
11. through 20. same order as 1 to 10, over black creme

Bottles 1 through 4:

5 through 8:

9 and 10:

The second wheel features Sally Hansen Fire Opal Nail Glaze colors, which have a similar story as the Star Opal ones (why these were two different lines, I don't know, but that's Sally for you; more of the Fire Opals are wearable on their own so maybe that's the idea behind the split). Rounding out the wheel are a French Manicure shade (this line lives on in the Hard as Nails French Manicure kits still in stores last I checked) and a Teflon Tuff color, which I seem to recall was introduced maybe 12 years ago (this particular bottle I bought after that, in a drugstore that time forgot).

(all two coats)

1. Sally Hansen Fire Opal Goldspun Opal
2. Sally Hansen Fire Opal Earthen Opal
3. Sally Hansen Fire Opal Amber Opal
4. Sally Hansen Fire Opal Bright Opal
5. Sally Hansen Fire Opal Flame Opal
6. Sally Hansen Fire Opal Blush Opal
7. Sally Hansen Fire Opal Wildfire Opal [Canadian bottle, I think from nailXchange's blog sale]
8. Sally Hansen Fire Opal Royal Opal
9. Sally Hansen French Manicure Sheerly Opal
10. Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff Color Twist [ever so slightly more blue than 9 alone; completely indistinguishable from it over black]
11. through 20. same order as 1 to 10, over black creme

Bottles 1 through 4:

5 through 8:

9 and 10:

It's fun to see the variety of colors these turn when layered. Some have a decent duochrome effect over black, and only a few are brushstrokey, so I think that's a win.


  1. They are beautiful all of them - I love layering polishes!

  2. I ended up picking up a Star Opal at a Dollar Tree in the states a couple years back. Maaaan your Dollar Trees are awesome, lol! We just got a couple here in Windsor and they're... meh. I mean, I'm sure there's lots of stuff that would come in handy, but the nail polish selection didn't impress me, haha!

  3. Oh, I wish I'd kept some of my mom's old Sally Hansens! I love your "vintage" posts!

  4. I love seeing how these look over black! So fun!


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