Thursday, January 16, 2014

Maybelline Color Show Gilded in Gold Brocade Collection

For Day 4 of Texture Week, I have the Maybelline Color Show Brocades, and unlike the Sinfuls from yesterday, I have all of them. This collection has ten shades, all of which feature medium to large metallic hex glitter in subtle duochrome shimmer bases. Top row: Gilded Rose, Silver Swank, Emerald Elegance, Lavishly Lilac, and Beaming Blue. Bottom row: Ruby Refined, Crushed Crimson, Amethyst Couture, Black 'n' Mirrors, and Embellished Blues.

I Skittled these, starting with the four lightest shades. Top to bottom: Silver Swank, Gilded Rose, Beaming Blue, Lavishly Lilac. All of these were three coats. Silver Swank has a pale gold and silver base with silver hex glitter. Gilded Rose has a golden base with rose hex glitter; there might be some rose in the base, too, but the gold dominates. Beaming Blue has sky blue and gold base (the blue dominates) with royal blue hex glitter. Lavishly Lilac has a gold base (maybe there's some purple in there, too) with glitter that shines in purple, pink, and blue.

Moving on to the medium tones, we've got two reds and a green. Top to bottom: Ruby Refined, Emerald Elegance, Crushed Crimson, and Ruby Refined. All of these were two coats. Ruby Refined is has cherry pink glitter in a cherry red and gold base. Emerald Elegance has a deep green and gold base with green glitter. Crushed Crimson fetures red glitter in a wine and gold base. Comparing my index and pinky, you can see the subtle duochrome shift that I found typical with these; the red is showing more on my index and the gold more on my pinky.

As textures go, these are not very bumpy. Here's a detail shot of Crushed Crimson lit from the side that gives a better look at the topography involved.

Finally, we have the dark tones. Top to bottom: Amethyst Couture, Black 'n' Mirrors, Embellished Blues, and Amethyst Couture. These are all two coats. (It's no coincidence that I used the purple twice, of course.) Amethyst Couture has a gold and deep plum base with purple glitter. Black 'n' Mirrors is gold and silver glitter in a gold and black base; it had the thickest formula of any of these, and I probably could have stopped at one coat (not sure if that's typical for this color or I just got a thick bottle). Embellished Blues has blue glitter in a navy and gold base.

These take nicely to topcoat; for the photo below, I used OPI Top Coat.

The liquid base colors for these ranges from clear to sheer black, but they're so packed with glitter and shimmer that it can be hard to see the tint. These are limited edition and first popped up in stores around here for Holiday 2013, but I've seen pretty well stocked displays still around as recently as earlier this week.


  1. I've been looking for these since they came out and only found a 2 shade display at my CVS (and it wasn't the shades I wanted). Where did you find these?

    1. Niki, I haven't seen the displays of these in a while, but just last night I saw a few random bottles at Bed Bath & Beyond shoved in a newer display. I've seen the same thing at a couple Rite Aid stores--bottles from this collection sitting in a different display.

  2. Yeah, these popped up early at good ol' H-E-B and then disappeared completely, everywhere I've been lately. I got a couple of colors while the were still around (Amethyst and Black) so I'm not really pining. I like them but I'll live without! (And yeah, I seem to recall that the black one was pretty thick. And actually, I've avoided putting the name in up to here because I thought it was Black IN Mirrors but it's entirely possible I'm wrong!)

  3. I really like the larger glitters on these!

  4. I picked up a few of these at Christmas time and have seen them recently in my drug store travels.

  5. They are really pretty - I like the ones on the first photo the best...

  6. We only got a selection of these in Germany, but they were sold out like... immediately? I haven't seen them ever since. Got my share though xD

  7. Ohhh I think they just popped up at my Walgreens recently. Must check into them.

  8. i can't help myself, keep thinking how painful the removal will be ;)
    haven't seen these in croatian stores yet

  9. They all looks gorgeous *___*
    I hope I will find them someday, in my country or at least online... because they are so so pretty in your swatches !

  10. Beautiful! I'm really loving Lavishly Lilac :D


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