Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wheel K6: Miscellaneous Glitters

Hey there, I am back from my unplanned blogging break. The day after I did my last post, I flew off to join Mr. Karen for a ski vacation, during which I had every intention of doing some entries here, since that's what I've done other times we've been at our condo in Idaho—generally I'm back from the slopes by 4 or 4:30 and they do have internet there, after all. But this trip I wasn't feeling that great (I've had a cold/sinus/bronchitis thing going on since mid December) and didn't have as much energy to go around as usual. I did ski, but not as much as I'd normally do and I needed lots of sleep to recover, so something had to give and one of those things was blogging. Still, we had a good time while we were there, and the mountains are as beautiful as ever. One afternoon I sat on the couch in the condo, reading and looking up now and then just to admire this view:

Since it's Wednesday, I thought it only right to come back with a Nail Wheel Wednesday post. Today I've got another 20 glitter polishes. Many of these are wearable on their own but others would benefit from being layered over a base color. Maybe when I finish swatching all my glitters on wheels I'll go back and do some layered glitter wheels. Look for those starting around 2025.

(all three coats plus topcoat, except as noted below)

1. Forever 21 Rose Petal Light Green [the green is so light it doesn't really read as green; might try this over lime or forest]
2. Forever 21 Rose Petal Blue/Silver
3. Forever 21 Rose Petal Dusty Blue/Silver (2 coats) [interesting frosty base here]
4. Forever 21 Rose Petal Lavender
5. Forever 21 Rose Petal Magenta/Silver
6. Forever 21 Rose Petal Blossom
7. Forever 21 Rose Petal Pink
8. Forever 21 Rose Petal Gold (2 coats)
9. Forever 21 Rose Petal Silver
10. Forever 21 Rose Petal Black/Silver
11. Sally Girl 812031
12. Sally Girl [I will have to come back and fill in the numbers for these next three, as I neglected to write them down]
13. Sally Girl
14. Sally Girl
15. Wet 'n' Wild Fantasy Makers Super Silver
16. Wet 'n' Wild Fantasy Makers Passionate Purple [pale purple is more like it, but maybe this was more vibrant when it was new; I didn't add it to my stash until years after it was released]
17. Unknown purple [this and the next are no name polishes that Walgreens had at Halloween a few years back; I wished I'd tried them right away so I could have bought more colors; I think they're very pretty]
18. Unknown green
19. Hello Kitty Pink Sprinkles
20. Hello Kitty Purple Sprinkles (2 coats) [best Hello Kitty polish ever]

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 14:

15 through 18:

19 and 20:

I do still plan to do a Top 20 list for 2013, and I have another Texture Week planned, so I am going to try to not disappear again anytime soon.


  1. THAT VIEW!! I was too busy gasping over the gorgeousness of that view that I totally didn't pay attention to the wheels lol I must go back and look at them now. OMG that view. I would never want to leave that place.

  2. Glad you had fun despite not feeling well. *hugs* Those little flower bottles are adorable! Almost as cute as Hello Kitty. ^_^

  3. Welcome back:) Those rose petal bottles are freaking adorable!

  4. I'm so obsessed with fun shaped polish bottles! I LOVE those Forever 21 ones!

  5. Fantastic view! Glad to hear you had a good vacation even though you weren't not feeling the best. Looking forward to seeing the layering combinations in 2025! lol!

  6. I love the tulip shape top bottles and the ones with the rose shapes on them. The glitters are cute too :)

  7. Very beautiful view and amazing glitters! :)

  8. So many pretties - and yes, I would definitely wear a lot of them layered!

  9. what cute bottles are those forever rose *.*
    as polishes, my favorite is under #9, silver :D

  10. Glad you had a good time, a little blogging break is good to recharge :)

  11. Well, I did a nail wheel that was all glitters and shimmers over black, only I forgot to write down what some of 'em were. (Expect to see it on my blog in the next week or so whether I figure it out or not, because when does that ever stop me?)

    Lovely view. Hope you're feeling better! And hmm, I like those no-name ones, too.

  12. What a beautiful view! Those Forever 21 Rose bottles are adorable!

  13. Wow, the Hello Kitty bottles are so damn cute. I want the purple one!


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