Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Zoya Naturel Collection

I would love to be able to say that I didn't post yesterday because I was enjoying a day off for the federal holiday celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, but my employer doesn't observe that so I was just busy working.

Zoya once again kindly sent some polish for review; this time it's their Naturel collection, a group of six cremes they describe as "rose tone nudes". Left to right below, we've got Chantal, Taylor, Rue, Brigitte, Odette, and Normani.

To me, this collection neatly divides into two parts, the skintones and the pinky purples, so that's how I swatched them. Starting with the skintones, we have Chantal and Taylor. Chantal, described by Zoya as a "French Vanilla cream" is lighter; it's on my index and middle fingers below. Zoya calls Taylor a "light toffee cream"; it's on my ring and pinky fingers. I'd call both of these light dusty peaches.

In some lights, these two are hard to tell apart, so here's another view, with Taylor on the left two fingers and Chantal on the right two. Neither of these is rosy-toned enough to make a perfect match with my skin but they're not overly yellow either.

I had no problem telling apart the remaining four shades in the collection. Top to bottom below, it's Rue, Brigitte, Odette, and Normani. On me, Rue was a light purple-leaning pink; I've seen swatches of it looking much less purple and more like a deep ballet pink on other people. Brigitte is mauve but you can think of it as dusty red violet if you don't want to be associated with mauve; this also pulls more purple on me than I've seen it do in other people's photos (not that I'm complaining about more purple in my life). Odette is the most vibrant of the whole collection, a medium-toned warm purple. Normani is a brownish purple.

Here's another angle on these purpley beauties:

I used two coats of each of these, no topcoat. I couldn't put them away without having a little fun, so to the above look, I added dots of Taylor (down the center of my nails) and Chantal (to either side), then dotted the dots with the purpley ones, staring with Normani on my index finger and finishing with Rue on my pinky (and there Rue looks more pink, surrounded by the more neutral Taylor and Chantal). I put topcoat over the whole thing to even out the finish.

I didn't have a chance to do any comparisons with these, but Polished Cousins did a bunch, and you can also go there to see Rue and Brigitte not pulling as purple as they do on me.

These colors are available now on the Zoya website.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. I love the dotted mani!! I really like this collection. I kept looking at it wondering if I really need/like all of them but I think I do. I really like the skintones for some reason though I doubt they would be very close to my skintone.

  2. Hi dear Karen ! =)
    I'm impressed by odette and normani! The other are too much skin tone for me =)
    Your nail art is really nice and funny,

  3. I am not a of nudes but I do like the dot manicure you did. Very cute!

  4. That dotted mani is neater than socks on a rooster! I enjoy looking at swatches of this collection but I'm not sure it's for me. I'd been eyeing Rue but purple-leaning pinks are iffy on me, some are divine and silky looking and others are stark and unnatural. They also seem to change from one state to the other depending upon the light. Hmm, better rethink Rue.

  5. I just ordered a few of these from the last Zoya promo and am excited to try them. I like the purple ones on you.

  6. I love how you combined them in the dotticure :)

  7. nice calm colors, love what you did with it :D

  8. I really like the look of this collection. The colors look lovely on you!


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