Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Textures from Nicole by OPI, Rimmel, and Sally Hansen

Yesterday I mentioned that I was planning to write about textures, and today that's just what I'm going to do. Last week, there was a post at Jezebel titled Textured Nails Are a Horrible Trend That Needs to Die ASAP. I know about this only because it was linked in a polish-centric Facebook group I'm in, and FB decided to show it to me on my news feed, which I took as a sign I should read it, which I did. I get not liking textured nails—or glitter or frost or whatever—but saying a trend must die seems quite a bit overwrought, as my friend Lizzy says. I was planning to do another texture week anyway, but this article seemed like a good reason to move it up in the schedule. Don't like textured polish, Jezebel? Here's a whole bunch of it!

Because Wednesday is rather late to start a week, and I had more than enough unpublished texture swatches to fill a whole regular week, I'm going to have to put more than one collection in each post. Today I have Nicole by OPI Rougles, Rimmel Sweetie Crush, and Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer.

The Nicole by OPI Rougles consists of four shades: Sand in My Shoe (yellow), On What Grounds (pastel teal), I'm Stucco on You (pastel purple), and Rock the Look (pink). These were an early spring release this year.

Unlike the NOPI Gumdrops, which were shimmery/glittery textures, these Rougles have more of a matte look to them, with very tiny colored speckles mixed into the texture. They reminded me of speckled Easter egg candy. On the nail, they covered in two coats.

As you can see, the texture in these Rougles is very fine-grained. They're bumpy, yes, but not to the extent they're going to catch on things. The texture gives these sweet pastel colors a bit of an edge. I liked the effect enough that I wore I'm Stucco on You for a full mani; I layered it over an existing pale purple mani and for some reason failed to take photos until I had some tipwear (if I recall correctly, I put on the Rougles while I was out of town).

Rimmel Sweetie Crush has five colors: Sherbet Sweetheart (yellow), Fizzy Appplelicious (pastel green), Blueberry Whizz (blue), Violet Swizzle (pastel purple), and Candyfloss Cutie (pink). This was also a spring release this year; in my area, it showed up several weeks later than the NOPI Roughles.

Because there are five of these, my thumb got to get in on the swatching action. I needed used three coats of each color; the palest ones were still a tiny bit sheer at that point but wearable.

These Sweetie Crush shades are fine grained shimmery textures with an almost pearly look to the base colors. The yellow and green ones the standouts here, despite their sheerness, as I haven't seen textures in those hues before.

The Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer colors are a permanent line (well, as permanent as anything from Sally Hansen) that got added to the lineup late last year. These are similar to the limited edition Sugar Coat colors that came out last summer, first in a group of textured cremes and then second release that had textured cremes and textured shimmers. There are eight colors in the Sugar Shimmer line; I have six of them to share today: Mint Tint, Work of Tart, Sugar Cloud, Berried Under, Sugar Plum, and Cinny Sweet.

These are the shades from the Texture Three Ways display; I haven't checked to see if any of my stores have stocked the remaining two in the line, Taffy Tart (dark blue) and Gummy Grape (purple).

I Skittled the three cool colors. Top to bottom below: Mint Tint, Work of Tart, Sugar Cloud, Mint Tint.

Mint Tint is a pastel green that reads like a creme texture, though in the bottle I could see some golden shimmer. It has the best coverage of this trio; I used two coats. Work of Tart is a teal blue with golden shimmer that show on the nail in most lights, probably because the base is more sheer than Mint Tint. I used three thin coats and feel like that wasn't quite enough. Sugar Cloud is a pastel blue with pink shimmer that's even more sheer than Work of Tart. I used three coats and there's still quite a visible nail line.

The three warm shades also got Skittled. Top to bottom below: Berried Under, Sugar Plum, Cinny Sweet, Berried Under.

Berried Under is a purpley pink with fine gold shimmer that disappears on the nail. I used two coats. Sugar Plum is a dusty rose with golde shimmer that does show up on the nail. It's more sheer than Berried Under; my swatch is three coats and I feel like a fourth would have made it look better. Cinny Sweet is a raspberry with very shy pink shimmer; my swatch is two coats.

I feel like maybe Sally Hansen is spreading herself so thin releasing new stuff all the time that she didn't take the time to make her textures the best they could be; some are too opaque to show the shimmer, some are too sheer to cover the nail in a reasonable number of coats. The sheer ones could be used for layering, so that's something.

That's all the texture for today; tomorrow I'm planning to share textured shades from L'Oreal and Revlon.


  1. OPIs are the best! They're similar to KIKO's cupcake collection - love them both:)

  2. amazing review. I was quite careful with textured polishes before but now I absolutely love them :)
    Have a nice day :D

  3. those Nicole polishes are just perfect *.*

  4. I love textured polish and I think the comments in that linked post were rather rude and extreme. If someone doesn't like the trend that's fine, don't wear it but to be all nasty and vulgar just shows me some people have way too much going on in other areas of their lives and apparently feel it's appropriate to take it out on your nail polish not being "polished". Thank you for highlighting these. I love the Roughles ones the most!!!

  5. Aw man Rimmel's got textures now, too?! Definitely keeping my eyes open for those. And the NOPIs.... so awesome.

  6. Uuuhhh, yeah. Whoever wrote that article needs to look at the big picture. It's not like nail polish companies have stopped making cremes. If they don't like it, don't buy it. More for us. :3

    Also, how rude of them to post a great swatch just to rip it apart! It's fine not to like a certain trend, but insulting it while posting pictures of other people is just plain mean. :(

  7. I absolutely love textures, but I just can't get into the different colored speckle bits in the NOPI ones. They look pretty, but I think they're better with a topcoat.

  8. So many pretty colors, Sand In My Shoe is my favorite!

  9. I like textured polishes although I almost always end up topcoating them :D

  10. I'm not fan of textured polishes - but I like the colors of these - it's a fantastic post for anyone looking to compare pastel textured polishes...!

  11. As for me I love textured nail polishes. NOPI polishes look amazing!

  12. I also love textured polishes :-)

    I've got most of these except the NOPI. I do like the Rimmels and not tried the Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmers yet!

    Great photos :-)

  13. Great swatches! I'm liking the these textures :D


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