Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Wheel C10: Glitters from Orly

Today for Nail Wheel Wednesday I have glitters from Orly that were postponed due to last week's power troubles.

(all two coats plus clear topcoat, except as noted below)

1. Orly Peaceful Opposition
2. Orly FX Milky Way
3. Orly FX Starburst
4. Orly FX Pink Your World
5. Orly FX Fight On
6. Orly Explosion of Fun (3 coats)
7. Orly FX Intergalactic Space
8. Orly FX Gravity Bound
9. Orly FX Black Hole [black holes are patriotic, I guess; this could be a 4th of July polish if not for the goopy black jelly base]
10. Orly FX Star Trooper
11. Orly Glitterbomb [had to fish for the circles]
12. Orly Digital Glitter
13. Orly Frenemy
14. Orly Masked Ceremony
15. Orly Macabre Masquerade
16. Orly Steal the Spotlight
17. Orly Lavish Bash
18. Orly Lush
19. Orly Tinsel
20. Orly Gossip Girl

Bottles 1 through 3:

4 through 6:

7 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:

Destash notes:

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