Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wheels W6 and X6: Flakies

It's a two-for-one deal on this Nail Wheel Wednesday, as I feel like I should have put most all of these flaky toppers on one wheel and just done them over a black base instead of spreading them out over two wheels so I could swatch them on their own as well as over the black. All but a handful of them don't even have a colored base, so they don't really show up against the off white color of the wheel anyway.

(all two coats each)

1. FingerPaints Flashy [classic red to gold to green shift]
2. FingerPaints Motley [purple-ish blue and blue-ish green]
3. FingerPaints Flecked [green to blue shift]
4. FingerPaints Asylum [blue plus red to green]
5. FingerPaints Twisted [rainbow of flakies]
6. Nails Inc. The Donmar [red to gold to green]
7. Nails Inc. The Wyndham [green to blue]
8. Nails Inc. The Old Vic [purple-ish blue]
9. Nubar Opulent Pearl [rainbow; the fine shimmer in the base sets this one apart]
10. Nfu Oh 40 [blue to green, very dense]
11 to 20. Same as above, over black creme

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 8:

9 and 10:

Here are the most colorful flakies on their own over the off white wheel; you can see why I think this approach was ill-advised.

(all two coats except as noted below)

1. GOSH Rainbow [red to gold to green]
2. Essie Shine of the Times [red to gold to green]
3. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Hidden Treasure [red to gold to green]
4. Golden Rose Scale Effect 09 [red to gold to green but in a sheer light pink base]
5. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Princess Cut [white flakies that look like pale pastels in some situations, in a sheer light pink base]
6. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Glass Slipper [very pale pastel flakies that look white in some situations]
7. Color Club Covered in Diamonds [shredded flakies]
8. Studio M Covered in Diamonds [exact dupe of Color Club]
9. Studio M Fame & Fortune [shredded flakies in sheer hot pink base]
10. OPI I Lily Love You (3 coats) [iridescent glitter plus shredded flakies in sheer pink base]

Bottles 1 through 3:

4 through 6:

7 through 10:

When it comes time to winnow my flakies, I believe I will be keeping all of the FingerPaints here, along with the Nubar (due to the shimmer) and Nfu Oh (due to the density and the fun bottle shape). The Nails Inc. can probably go; if any stay, it will be The Old Vic. Hidden Treasure has to stay, in part for sentimental reasons, but the GOSH and Essie can go. I'm undecided on the Golden Rose; the flakies are pretty much the same as others I have but the base is not, plus I think of it as special because I got it in a swap. Princess Cut can go; Glass Slipper is staying, at least until it goes up against this year's crop of FingerPaints flakies. Color Club version of Covered in Diamonds can go because Studio M wins that battle of the brands for me, being less common. Fame & Fortune and I Lily Love You stay. We'll see if I actually stick to these plans when real destashing happens (and my husband informs me it will happen, as we will be downsizing at some point after we retire).


  1. Oh! I didn't know Nails Inc had flakies! Kind of a relief they're not all *that* special so I don't have to worry about hunting them down. ;) That Studio M Fame & Fortune is really chunky... lol

  2. Beautiful flakies all of them, even if so many of them are very c lose...
    Recently I was lucky to get FingerPaints Twisted from a blog sale :)

  3. Pretty flakies all of them, maybe except one Studio something that I like less, but what a lovely stash :D

  4. Interesting selection of flakies. I lusted after the Finger Paints and could never get them. I ended up getting most of the Inglot and a good few NFU Oh ones instead. :-)

  5. so many flakies *.*
    i would love to have some of those finger paints, they look great :D

  6. Love the flakies!

  7. Funny that Studio M "Fame & Fortune" looks identical to Color Club "Fame & Fortune"!! sniff, sniff...I smell a DUPE! ;-)


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