Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wheel R10: Pink and Silver Glitters from OPI

After being preempted by last week's holiday special, Nail Wheel Wednesday is back with glitters from OPI, specifically pink and silver ones. Seeing all these reminds me how many OPI I used to buy ... lately I've felt the collections aren't as interesting. There have been many collections in recent years that I haven't bought any shades from. Part of that is the size of my stash now, but part of that is so many cremes. Even in colors I like, I don't need that many variations in such a plain finish.

(all have clear topcoat in addition to glitter coats noted below, except #1)

1. OPI More Than a Glimmer (2 coats) [matte finish, thus no topcoat]
2. OPI The Power of Pink (2)
3. OPI You Glitter Be Good to Me (2)
4. OPI Charmmy & Sugar (2)
5. OPI Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel (2)
6. OPI On Pinks & Needles (2)
7. OPI Wocka Wocka (3)
8. OPI DS Bold (2)
9. OPI Let's Do Anything We Want (2)
10. OPI Petal Soft (2)
11. OPI Pink Yet Lavender (2)
12. OPI Sunrise Bedtime (3)
13. OPI My Voice Is a Little Norse (3)
14. OPI Champagne for Breakfast (3)
15. OPI Gift Tag You're It (3)
16. OPI Which is Witch (2)
17. OPI In True Stefani Fashion (2)
18. OPI Desperately Seeking Sequins (2)
19. OPI Snowflakes in the Air (2)
20. OPI I Snow You Love Me (2)

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:

A couple bonus shots in different light that made the holo glitter pop:


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