Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Wheel B11: Glitters from Sally Girl

Today's Nail Wheel Wednesday features glitters from Sally Girl, from the time before they changed to the square bottles. Some of these could be mistaken for indie crelly glitters.

(coats as noted below plus clear topcoat)

1. Sally Girl Vanilla (3 coats)
2. Sally Girl Vanilla (3) [same name as #1 but different number; there are two more pairs like this on the wheel, from what I believe was a re-release of a Christmas collection in different years, I see slight differences in glitter coverage between the pairs but they're essentially the same shades]
3. Sally Girl Butta (3)
4. Sally Girl Trapeze Artist (3)
5. Sally Girl Bubble Gum (3)
6. Sally Girl Sugar Cookie (3)
7. Sally Girl Sugar Cookie (2)
8. Sally Girl Peppermint (3)
9. Sally Girl Peppermint (2)
10. Sally Girl Cherry Chip (2)
11. Sally Girl Fresh as a Daisy (2)
12. Sally Girl Petal Pusher (2)
13. Sally Girl Mulberry Affair (3)
14. Sally Girl Grape (2)
15. Sally Girl Grape Sherbert (2)
16. Sally Girl Chocolate Chip (2)
17. Sally Girl Mint Chip (2)
18. Sally Girl So Re-Leafed (2)
19. Sally Girl Mint (2)
20. Sally Girl Blueberry (2)

Bottles 1 through 4:

5 through 9:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:


  1. I never really looked at the Sally Girl polishes, but wish I had. I see some really beautiful ones in there that I missed like Butta, Blueberry, and Mint.


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