Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Wheel E13: Drugstore Glitters

Today's Nail Wheel Wednesday is all about glitters from drugstore/mass market brands. Spoiled was at CVS for a while, Pop-arazzi came in to CVS after Spoiled left (not sure if it's still there as I haven't been in a CVS in going on a year now), Urban Nails I don't even remember where that came from but it sure isn't high end or an indie, Bonita was at Rite Aid and KMart, and PXL is (I think still) at Rite Aid.

(all 3 coats plus clear topcoat)

1. Spoiled Show Me the Money [has evaporated quite a bit]
2. Spoiled Use Protection
3. Spoiled Pet My Peacock [evaporated to the point I needed to use a lot of thinner to even be able to put it on this wheel]
4. Spoiled Trust Fund Baby
5. Spoiled Shuffle the Deck [looks like this has some bleeding glitter in it]
6. Spoiled Ants in My Pants
7. Spoiled Jewelry Heist [has some iridescent glitter in it that would have benefitted from layering over black]
8. Pop-arazzi Hit the Goldmine
9. Pop-arazzi Sparkle-fetti [interesting mix of small multi glitter in a controlled palette and larger holo hexes; I like it a lot]
10. Pop-arazzi Pageant Girl
11. Pop-arazzi Seeing Sparkles
12. Pop-arazzi Perfectly Peacock [like 7, would have benefitted from a dark base]
13. Pop-arazzi Never Too Rich
14. Pop-arazzi Star Shine
15. Pop-arazzi Yin Meets Yang (over peachy neutral base)
16. Urban Nails unlabeled (over peachy neutral base)
17. Urban Nails unlabeled [looks like this has some bleeding glitter in it; I like multi glitters but the balance in this one seems off to me, though maybe it looked better before the bleeding]
18. Bonita unlabeled [from the Jolly Nails set]
19. Bonita unlabeled [from the Jolly Nails set]
20. PXL Pixellated Color Pink Glitter [swatched earlier this year]

Bottles 1 through 4:

Spoiled nail polish

5 through 7:

Spoiled nail polish

8 through 11:

Pop-arazzi nail polish

12 through 15:

Pop-arazzi nail polish

16 through 20:

Spoiled nail polish

Pop-arazzi nail polish

Urban Nails and Pop-arazzi nail polish

Bonita and PXL nail polish


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