Thursday, May 20, 2010

Orly Viva Comparisons

Today I have comparisons I did between the colors in the Orly Viva collection and polishes I had in my stash. I didn't do any for La Playa, because I found I had no blue cremes that were anywhere close--maybe having graduated from Michigan State has blinded me to certain shades of blue thanks to their use by our arch rival, the University of Michigan.

I did have several pinks that were sorta kinda similar to Fiesta, so let's start there.

Orly polish

Left to right: Revlon Bubble Gum, OPI La Paz-itively Hot, Maybelline Candy Coated, Orly Fiesta.

Revlon Bubble Gum is a creme, not a shimmer, but I figured I'd include it since the shimmer in Fiesta is fairly subtle; color-wise, Bubble Gum is just a touch darker than Fiesta but it's right in the same vein temperature-wise. La Paz is cooler than Fiesta and has a blue flash that Fiesta does not. Candy Coated (from the Sweet Thing collection) is also cooler than Fiesta; it has a tiny hint of blue flash but is not as rich as La Paz. So none of these are dupes, but if I had to pick only one to keep, it would be La Paz-itively Hot.

Here are the pinks in their bottles; I apologize that they are not in the same order as on my nails (or even in reverse order)--when arranging them for their close up, I got distracted by how nicely the OPI bottle snuggles up against the Revlon and didn't think about which bottle was where compared to the polish on my nails.

Orly polish

Left to right: OPI La Paz-itively Hot, Revlon Bubble Gum, Orly Fiesta, Maybelline Candy Coated.

Moving on to the coral-y orange, Olé, I only had two polishes in my stash that looked similar to me in the bottle.

Orly polish

Left to right: Borghese Maraschino, Orly Olé, Maybelline Coral Cabana.

Orly polish

Left to right: Borghese Maraschino, Orly Olé, Maybelline Coral Cabana, Orly Olé.

Compared to Olé, both Maraschino (from the Tutti Gelati collection) and Coral Caban (from Salsa Sun) are just a hint darker, with Maraschino leaning a tad more toward red. Still, the differences aren't dramatic. If I had to keep just one of these, it would be the Borghese, with the Orly very close behind. The Maybelline gave me fits trying to apply it smoothly--there seemed to be a window of drying time during which if I tried to apply another coat, it got all gunky. Thinner might help, but since I have similar colors that already apply nicely, I might not bother.

Orly polish

Left to right: Finger Paints Art Dealer Teal-er, Orly Bailamos, Sally Hansen HD Pixel Pretty.

Orly polish

Left to right: Sally Hansen HD Pixel Pretty, Orly Bailamos, Finger Paints Art Dealer Teal-er, Orly Bailamos.

The lighting here shows two different looks of Bailamos--it's on my ring and index fingers. Both Pixel Pretty and Art Dealer Teal-er are more green (and more shimmery) than Bailamos. If I had to keep only one, it would be Bailamos, but fortunately it hasn't come to that.


  1. Thanks for the comparisons. I only purchased Orly La Playa for that reason. I definitely have dupes or almost dupes to the other colors. I didn't have anything like La Playa!

  2. I love Bailamos, love the comparison

  3. I like the SH Hi-Def, but as your swatch shows, it isn't as intense as the others.

    Nice comparisons. Thanks for giving your best pick too.

  4. LOVED seeing the comparisons. The first two sets look SO much alike. :)
    Great job,

  5. I love them all. Pink with blue flashes are great.

  6. Awesome! was looking for other polishes closer to bailamos, very informative post :)


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