Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wheel E: Taupe Cremes

Today on Nail Wheel Wednesday, taupe cremes and a few secret shimmers. (As usual with wheels, I had trouble color adjusting so all shades showed true—very frustrating.)

Nail wheel

1. Essie Body Language (3 coats)
2. Essie Playa del Platinum (3)
3. Ulta Professional Truth or Dare (3)
4. Sally Hansen New Lengths Concrete (4)
5. Essie Chinchilly (3)
6. Petites Color Fever Vintage Grey (4)
7. 10 Professional Nail Lacquer Moonlight (3)
8. Revlon Gray Suede (4) [secret shimmer]
9. Maybelline Express Finish Touch of Taupe (4) [secret shimmer]
10. Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge (3) [secret shimmer]
11. BYS Cotton Candy (4)
12. Nails Inc. diet Coke London (3)
13. Borghese Milano Taupe (3)
14. China Glaze Channelesque (4)
15. Ulta Professional Soho Pretty (4)
16. 10 Professional Nail Lacquer Showtime (2)
17. Confetti Moonstruck (3)
18. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Commander in Chic (3)
19. Rimmel Steel Gray (3)
20. OPI You Don't Know Jacques (3)


  1. this is my fav wheel ever. As you know I love taupe shades. My fav of the wheel is #6... but it's difficult to find an ugly one here!

  2. Wow, i love all taupe colors.. this wheel is really great.

    I didn´t knew that there is also a taupe from Maybelline...

    Thanks for the great swatches!

  3. This is heaven!!! I love taupe nail polishes <3

  4. Lovely! Reader request: Could you please do your teal cremes next? :)

  5. theallamenta, remind me about #6 the next time we swap.

    likeSamantha, the Maybelline is an old one and has been showing up at Dollar Trees.

    Ana, taupe is great, I agree!

    Sara, I might be able to arrange that. :) If there were any particular teals you wanted to see, let me know and I'll include them if I have them.

  6. I love taupes, but some just don't look good on me. I am not familiar with "secret shimmer". Is it brand-related? I love these wheel comparisons,Karen!

  7. Starlight, I think any brand can have secret shimmers (polishes that show shimmer in the bottle that pretty much disappears on the nail except in very bright light and/or at a few particular angles) but some brands do seem to have more of them than others (Chanel to name one).

  8. I had no idea you did colour wheels... THANK YOU!!! I love taupes and the entire wheel makes me giddy. I am happy that I have at least 5 of the colours on this wheel! I can see quite a few more than I want to get now... um..


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