Saturday, August 21, 2010

Drugstore Report

One of the things I like about my camera (an ancient by today's standards Canon SD600) is that it fits easily in my purse or pocket, so I almost always have it with me when I make my rounds of CVS and Rite Aid and Walgreens and Meijer and can snap pictures of displays when I see them, like the ones I have today.

First up is the Milani Haute Value collection I mentioned when I swatched Bare it All. So far from this one, I've just gotten One of a Kind, a very deep green creme, and Dress Maker, which is the rumored Chanel Jade dupe. I don't have Jade, so I won't be able to confirm that with my own eyes, but it's pretty regardless.


Left to right: Fashion Design, Dress Maker, One of a Kind, Hot Hot Hot, Tailor Made, High Fashion.

I thought this Revlon display was interesting; it says "Re-Live Your Favorite Memories of Summer" and is stocked with some of this year's Scents of Summer shades, some of the pastels from Daydreamer, and some core shades and top coat. I like that they're not hiding the re-promote aspect of this, and think its nice that they're giving people another shot at the limited edition scented ones, though I noticed that neither of the purples is there. Maybe those sold out first?


Left to right: Beach, Ocean Breeze, Peach Smoothie, Orange Pop, Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Clear, Pure Petal, Sheer Pink, Peach Petal, Hushed Blush, Touch of Mauve, Teak Rose, Minted, Pink Chiffon, Lilac Pastelle, Tropical Temptation, Extra Life No Chip Top Coat.

I wish Sally Hansen would follow Revlon's lead; I'd love to see a "Re-Live Those Crazy Hunts for Our Wackily Distributed Limited Editions" display from them. It could have Opulent Cloud and Hidden Treasure for starters.

And finally, I came across the polish-only display for Maybelline Fall 2010, the companion to the makeup display with Gray-T Glamour in it. I realize now that I should have rearranged the colors before I took the photo so one of each would be in front, though it wouldn't have made that much difference, I guess, as most of these are very dark.


Front, left to right (2 bottles each): Grand in Green, Pretty in Purple, Chic Chocolate. Back: Charming Cobalt, Berry Fancy, Classic Black.

I haven't decided which ones of these Maybellines I'm going to get yet; probably the green at least.

Which ones would you get (or have you already gotten some of these)?


  1. Really nice post! I wish we had this many displays in Canada... so far I haven't spotted any of these... boo...

    As far the new Milani Collection, do you know what the dupes are for the colors other than Dress Maker? I heard that this is supposed to be a collection of Dupes!

  2. lol, something helo me if I ever visit the US!!
    I think I'd spend SO MUCH on polishes and make up!
    Wellm, even not living there I spend a lot...

  3. I like the plum in the Maybelline promo photo. I don't have a good plum which is an omission I need to rectify!

  4. I still haven't found this collection of milani's.

    I'm really liking these maybellines. Great colors for the fall. Girl you better get the whole collection. lol!! I hope I find these :)

  5. i wish we had these in Canada too :(
    be sure to post about the ones you buy!!!!

  6. Might get Chic Chocolate because I doubt I have anything like that.

  7. This is an awesome post, and I'm really hyped about some of these.
    I'm wetting myself over the Milani, because they always do the most beautiful stuff. I'm waiting on a sale, but my eyes are one Dress Maker, One of a Kind, and possibly Tailor Made.
    And the Maybellines...I'm not supposed to buy, because I think they test on animals, but that's calling me. :(

  8. Incredible post! :O) Thanks for sharing

  9. i wish the drugstores here have nail polish booths that i can go crazy with but we only have a small display of the common colors. :(

    but on a another note, i tagged you here :


  10. No kidding that SH should follow their lead!! I'm on vacation and you just reminded me I should check the Wal Mart's here for Hidden Treasure! lol

  11. im loving the dark mybellines for the winter... shud go check them out
    follow if you like what u see?


  12. Oh no! You have to get the Maybelline purple too at least! There's no colour like purple np! Especially for winter. :)

  13. tasha, I haven't heard of any other dupes in the Milani Haute Value besides Dress Maker, but I'm sure if there are some we'll seeing reports soon.

    Sarah B., we have many tempting stores, it's true.

    jaljen, yes, definitely you need a plum, possibly two. :)

    rmcandlelight, they're just showing up here in a few of the CVSs; hope the rollout reaches you soon!

    Smita, I already went back for the Maybelline green, so there'll definitely be a post on that once I figure out whether I have anything close to it in my collection already.

    Kimberly, Chic Chocolate is a very rich looking shimmer in the bottle.

    ChaosButterfly, hope you can get the ones you want at a good price. :)

    1xellus1, thanks!

    xnosugaraddedx, your way is probably better for your budget, though. Thanks for the tag; I will try to reply soon.

    Sarah, good luck with HT hunting!

    Prutha, I'll check it out!

    Joan, oh I picked up that purple and thought about it; just wonder if I already have something close since I have so much purple already. Not that I always let that stop me...


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